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Ianto Jones: Hidden Depths of Anguish and Darkness (and Coffee)

Because we like it hot and dark

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Ianto Jones: Hidden Depths of Anguish and Darkness
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Welcome to torchwoodcoffee, the place to come if you want to see some Hidden Depths of Anguish and Darkness get revealed. Or, if you just want to have some good coffee.

Yes, it's a fan comm for Ianto Jones of Torchwood, everyone's favourite suit-wearing, pterodactyl loving coffee fiend. Anything at all Ianto related is welcomed here (or anything about Gareth David-Lloyd, who portrays him): Icons, discussion, fic, fanvids, picspam or just randomness and squee. Just use an lj-cut for those on dial-up if you have large images, okay? Also, please use our standard header for posting fic - it's just a suggestion, but we don't allow anything other than standard sizes, fonts, colours, etc. Find our standard fic header here.

If you are looking for anything specific, check out our tags list, in which all posts are catagorised by type.

Your lords and masters helpful mods are dune_drd and drakyndra. If you have any queries, give one of us a buzz.

No character bashing is allowed, whatsoever. Try it, and drakyndra will set the pterodactyl on you and dune_drd will confiscate your coffee.

So, if you so desire, feel free to come join or exploration of the Hidden Depths of Anguish and Darkness.

As of now special colours, fonts or fic banners are strictly forbidden (read more about important stuff in the Mod Posts) and posts disregarding that rule will be deleted. If you have questions, wish to report something or have other issues for a mod - Page-A-Mod

To find out more about Torchwood: The Official BBC site.
For Torchwood press and news: torchwood.tv
For screencaps (and news): The Insitute
For Torchwood (and Doctor Who) discussion: Outpost Gallifrey
And for Whoniverse (including Torchwood) Fanfic: A Teaspoon and An Open Mind

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And there's a fairly complete list of Torchwood LJ comms on Manticoran's List.

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Ianto Jones Header created by rocketwizzard

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