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Heartfelt wail for help!

Okay, my life has become 'interesting', as they say. Just before Christmas, one of my friends put a program onto my computer despite my nervous twitchings. Due to Murphy's Law, my computer subsequently went bananas and had to go in for repairs. Eighty per cent of the stuff on the computer was backed up on disk but since I wasn't able to save anything after things went wonky, I asked the repairman if he could take my stuff off the computer if he had to wipe it. No problem but it would cost extra. No problem, sez I.

You can tell what's coming, can't you? I phoned today and he had to wipe the machine and he didn't bloody well save! So now I've lost that twenty per cent. I can cope with losing the stories and graphics. What I CAN'T cope with is the loss of a wallpaper I took off one of the livejournal sites. Trouble is, I can't relocate it! I've looked, but there's a lot of entries to go through and I'm getting steadily more frustrated.

So can anyone help me? The wallpaper is of That Kiss, but the creator has fiddled with it slightly so it's cropped and there's a light-effect in the upper right hand corner that looks like there's sunlight falling on Jack and Ianto. I am *besotted* with that wallpaper and have been using it as a kind of inspiration. The thought of not having it is driving me up the wall.

Please, if you recognise it, could you point me in the direction of it so I can go back and get it saved safely onto disk? I will be eternally grateful! If it would provide incentive, I'll even promise to write a ficlet/story to order if that appeals to my rescuer. I'm totally desperate as just the thought of not having it around to stare at with a stupid grin on my face is causing nasty fits.

Thanks and sorry for the rant!
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