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Fic: Magic Binds Us

Fandoms: Merlin/MCU/Torchwood
Pairings: Arthur/Merlin, Phil/Morgana, Loki/Morgana/Thor, Steve/Tony/Phil, Clint/Ianto/Bucky, Maria/Tosh, Bruce/Natasha, Rhys/Donna, Merlin and Morgana, Gwaine/Morgana, Gwaine/Darcy, Rhodey/Pepper and mention of Doctor/Jack/Rose
Summary: Morgana was unsure as to why she was given a second chance at life but this time she planned on doing it right. Love that she had been denied was now hers, but of all those who held her heart, she loved none as much as the man she had her son with ex-husband, Phil Coulson. Neither Morgana nor Merlin saw the sign until it was too late; the destruction Earth has nearly faced several times has summoned its ultimate protectors, dragons. Earth is unprepared for the sheer wrath and destruction that follows and must ban together to survive after all this is not learning how to defeat the dragons this is learning how to survive them and live with them.
Notes:This was written for this round of the Het big bang. I have been wanting to write a story where Ianto was the son of Morgana and Phil and having their lives entwined with SHIELD. I have also been in love with the idea of Morgana/Thor/Loki trio for a while.

You can read it on AO3
Tags: fanfic

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