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Response to Ep 6 (sort of))

Hey all,

My reaction to the part of ep 6 that I've seen. I was trying to watch it while getting ready for work so I only saw key parts. (I'll be watching it straight through tonight when I get home from work)

EDIT: I finally finished the ep, and had some different thoughts after doing so.

WARNING: Spoilers for ep 6 ahead

I'm just wanting to bounce a couple of things off someone. The first thing is, the snog/kiss discussion scene. I have to admit, I was watching only key parts of the episode and was in a hurry at that. So it is possible that I was missing something. (I was trying to watch it while getting for work. What can I say I like torturing myseofl *G*) Anyways, I have noticed several ppl on various lists/lj's saying that they liked the look between Ianto and Jack, after Ianto sort of killed the mood (and rightly so, IMHO...but that's another discussion) and that it was sexy or sweet. I didn't get that feeling at all, I felt that Jack was ticked off at Ianto for raining on their parade, rather then being concerned or thinking about their "kiss". But again, it could just be because I wasn't totally focused on the show. What do you guys think?

EDIT: okay, I have finally watched the ep through all the way, and I now have to say that Jack didn't look so much mad as confused. I kind of felt sorry for him in a way. Not sure why he struck me as being angry the first time through, but as I said I wasn't totally focused on the show. And, god, did Ianto get the stuffing kicked out of him or what? Poor guy! Though I was pleased to see him show courage. I was worried they were going to portray him as the weak link. I liked it when he smirked at the guy before bashing him with his head. That's our Ianto! *G* This ep was freaky! Not nearly enough Jack and Ianto moments but I can handle that, as long as their is lots of Ianto. :)

Oh, and if you have already read this, I deleted the bit about Gwen because A)it was a bit harsh. (sorry I was in a bit of a bad mood when I wrote it) and B)someone nicely pointed out, it was a bit OT for this group.

I would still love the hear everyone's opinion. :)
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