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FIC: For the Good of the Earth (1/1) PG

Title: For the Good of the Earth
Author: Sistine (sistine-may)

Summary: Ianto escapes from Thames House but at a price. CoE fix-it.
Series: Son of a Master Tailor, part 3
Characters/Pairings: Jack/Ianto, the Master Tailor
Set: Day Four, CoE
Spoilers: CoE, small for DW ep “The Water of Mars” and TW radio fic “House of the Dead”
Rating: PG
Word count: approx.2,155 words

Warnings: character death (temporary)
Notes: This was one of two possible story lines for CoE and it won out because I could actually finish it!! I hope you all enjoy : )
Other parts can be found on my LJ.

The man appeared out of nowhere...

Tags: fanfic

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