October 20th, 2012

Gareth David-Lloyd's CoE Day 1 Ianto Backstory?

An online friend and I were talking about CoE Day 1, and she said she vaguely remembered an article or interview where Gareth talked about Ianto's reasons to stay behind in the Hub with Jack even though the bomb inside Jack was about to go off. She said "Did you ever hear GDL’s explanation of why Ianto was dicking around? Partly panic, but mostly because he’d decided to die with Jack since he didn’t believe Jack could come back from blowing to bits." We've been looking for the article online but we can't seem to find it and she doesn't remember enough to minimize the search parameters to anything more than "Gareth David Lloyd Ianto Day One hub bomb" or variations thereupon. Anyone know what this article is or know where it is? Thanks!