June 4th, 2012


Fighting for Life

Title: Fighting for Life

Rating:PG-13 for some minor swearing

Pairing/Characters: Jack/Ianto and Owen makes a little appearance

Spoilers: None

Notes: Written for the bickering prompt on comment_fic

Summary: When Jack and Ianto get into a fight one of them is seriously injured. Has angst, hurt and comfort and even some fluff all rolled into one.

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Just Another Word (Part 4)

Title: (Freedom Is) Just Another Word (for Nothing Left to Lose), Part Four
Rating: PG-13 (for now)

Word count: ~ 2,000 (this part) (Part One is here)
Warnings: None. O.o
Disclaimer: All recognizable characters are the property of their respective owners. I am in no way associated with the creators, and no copyright infringement is intended.
Summary: Ianto’s records—the ones in the main computers, the ones Toshiko would have pulled when Jack asked her for a background check—show that he was a junior researcher assigned to a low-level science team. That’s not entirely correct, but then, Mainframe always protects her own.
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