April 18th, 2012

Torchwood-No Phones

FIC: Two Worlds, One Crime

Title: Two Worlds, One Crime
Author: totally4ryo
Artist: chinacofficaru
Beta: milady_dragon
Series: Two Worlds
Rating: PG-13
Pairings/Characters: Jack/Ianto (times two), Gwen/Rhys, Tosh/Owen, OCs (children), mentions of Rhiannon Evans and family
Warnings: Some language (this is Torchwood), Mpreg, slight Gwen-bashing
Spoilers: Most of S1 & S2 to be safe.
Disclaimer I wish I owned Torchwood!!! If I did, everyone would be alive, Jack and Ianto would be happy and maybe, just maybe, I could have made Gwen a likable character (and less Mary Sue). This is a labor of love and no profits being made. No copyright infringement is intended for both the fiction and artwork.
Word Count: Approx 41,000

Author's note: This is an AU where Reset and Exit Wounds ended differently, with Tosh and Owen are alive. It takes place about 7 years after S2, CoE (and anything after that attempted and failed miserably to be Torchwood) did not happen. The alternate world is based on Steampunk culture, but not exactly, so if there are some differences that are common in Steampunk but shows up here, or is missing, that is the way it is in their world. This is a sequel to Two Worlds, One Love.
I finally have time to post this fic to comms. Yup, lots of crossposting going on.

I want to thank milady_dragon, bookwrm89, cyberdigi and cjharknessgirl for being cheerleaders while I was working on this. I might not have finished this without them. Also major thanks to chinacofficaru for the AMAZING art. Thanks so much to everyone!

This was written for the longliveianto Big Bang.

Go here to see the amazing and gorgeous artwork by chinacofficaru HERE

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