January 12th, 2007


This is NOT my fault!!

This is clarity_lore's fault! Yes, her, over there! *points frantically* I went and read her Vita Brevis series in all innocence and the damn plot bunny leapt out and savaged me. So blame her, not me.

Mind you, makes a change from blaming talcat, I suppose...

Title: Complications
Characters: Ianto's POV but Jack makes an appearance.
Rating: Pg for mention of suicide
Disclaimer: Tantrums notwithstanding, they still belong to the BBC.
Spoilers: Only for what happened in the last minute of episode 13


Please note that this is not connected to the 'Reclaiming Camelot' sequence.

Jack doesn't fancy the tea boy.


Another fic for you all, this is the companion piece to Ianto doesn't have a thing for his boss
You don't have to have read that one first, but I think they work better together.

Title: Jack doesn't fancy the tea boy.
Pairing Jack/Ianto
Disclaimer: Nope. Not mine... (darn.)
Rating: Ummm... PG.
Spoilers: I hope you've seen all the episodes by now. If not, this might spoil the ending of the series.
Summary:Collapse )

Fic - Mcdonalds don't make a fudge sundae like that

McDonalds don't make a fudge sundae Like that
Author: Goetterdamerung
Pairing: Jack/Ianto
Rating: fucking filthy
Warnings: Kink, Dom/sub, slight bondage, rope play, Ianto in leather and sex toys (not too mention sundry confectionary items). Caveat Lector
Notes:this is the second installment of the series I am begining to believe should be called "The neverending PWP"

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