January 11th, 2007


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I finally got round to doing some picspams! This week I have a general picspam, which is more plot-oriented, and a Ianto picspam. Both are spoilerific for Episode 1x12 - Captain Jack Harkness, and very image heavy. The download link for the zip file of the caps I used is also there, so feel free to take caps :)

General review picspam: "There were angels dancing at the Ritz"
Download: http://www.sendspace.com/file/zegv4y (375 KB)

Ianto picspam: "Jack needs me"
Download: http://www.sendspace.com/file/463c3t (1MB)

(Previous picspams and downloads here)
Kadaj, Advent Children

Jack/Ianto Music Video

Hello, everyone! I've been a lurker for a little while and I finally have something to post!

Music:And So It Goes by Billy Joel
Spoilers:Everything season one, eps. 1-13
Summary:Just a little piece of angst-tastic Jack/Ianto glory.
Rating:Um...PG? Does guys kissing up a rating? :P

Youtube: Link
Megaupload: Link

I hope you enjoy!


Beta needed please

I'm writing a series of drabbles that aim to solve the mystery of why Jack picked Rhea Silva as his password. It'll eventually (hopefully!) be Ianto/Jack/OFC but at the very least will be heavily Ianto-centred (except for the first few, just to get the characters established). It shouldn't be squicky or rated higher than R and I'd really love someone to beta it for me. If this is considered OT please tell me and I'll remove the post.

Thank you :-)
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