January 10th, 2007

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Fic: Those Left Behind

Title:  Those Left Behind.
Author: Corona
Fandom: Torchwood
Rating: 18
Pairing: Ianto/Owen
Warnings: Angst, nasty wounds, swearing, sex
Disclaimer: They are in no way mine or anything to do with me. I own nothing.
Summary: Post series end...and how things unfold from there.
Notes: Comment, critique, send flying monkeys.
Spoilers: Post series, best to have seen them all.

Cross-posted, with my apologies...


Random question

Does anyone know exactly what Ianto's job is? In the show, Jack says he cleans up after them and gets them everywhere on time, but thats a little vague. I'm actually after a scpecific job title.

I kinda remember reading somewhere that he is the chief archivist, or head archivist, or something to that effect. Is that official, or is it something I've read in a fic?

Thanks guys xx
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Due to popular demand here is the sequel to Six Months, Three Weeks, and Two Days So really you only have yourselves to blame!

Thank you to everyone who commented on the previous fic. This really wouldn't have gotten writen without your support.

Betaed by subtly_modded thank you again. Also you were completly right about Ianto's eye colour. I am shame. *hangs head*

Title: Home
Author: szm
Genre: Angst
Rating: Would you say PG?
Spoilers: Torchwood season 1, trailers for Doctor Who season 3

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szm: Jack come here.
Jack: Yes, OW! *szm just booted him*
szm: that was for cs_whitewolf
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Playing Blind Mans Bluff

Playing Blind Mans Bluff

Author: Goetterdamerung
Rating: Eventually NC17 or however you classify eye wateringly filthy.
Pairing/s: Jack/Ianto Jack/Jack Ianto/Lisa
Spoilers: 1.04, 1.08, 1.12, 1.13 AND Dr. Who 2005 eps 9, 10, 11 and 12
Disclaimer: Not mine, if they were they would at least spend more time naked.
Warnings: Mind Fucks, Dom/sub, graphic violence, partner betrayal and also occasional uses of sappy stuff.

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Title: Shot Glass Chess
Author: OnigamiNanashi
Pairing: Jack/Ianto
Rating: FRM I think. PG 13, anyway, at the very least.
Warnings: None so really. First time Torchwood writer. Almost crack. But maybe not. Excessive author’s notes.

This is all tencrush’s fault. I don’t remember exactly how or why, but I knew enough to write “Tencrush” in large letters on the top of the papers where this was spawned. I think it had to do with a comment and some prodding. But anyway:

Preemptive oops: Spoilers for ep 12 and 13 in the Author’s Notes.

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