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Ok, I KNOW I just read this fic, but I can't find it anywhere. It's a Jack/Ianto one from 'Countrycide' where Ianto's really scared and he's stayed behind that night with Jack.
I distinctly remember Ianto having bruises all up and down his back and he was showering when Jack saw him. Please someone give me the link.
Janto's hand and name

I come breaing gifts. And I ain't even Greek...

Even been a part of a fandom without even being aware of it? Yes, well, that was my situation, up until this last weekend, when I stumbled across fics, icons, fanvid music, etc.

In order to celebrate this revelation with my flist and convert them all to the Janto love, right now, kthx, I've made a post with caps and crack!icons, which sort of summarizes Jack and Ianto's story so far. After I posted, I thought some of you may enjoy it as well or want to use it to convert your respective flists, because Janto will one day rule the world, one LJ at a time, so I'm offering you the link to the post I made. If you come by, I hope you'll enjoy it! :D
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The Corner, Chapter 1/?
Author: Razzle
Rating: NC17 overall.
Pairings: Jack/Ianto Jack/Ten Ianto/Ten
Summary: The only thing waiting in the dark is what you take in with you.
Warnings/AN: Picks up where 1.13 leaves off, so spoilers to end of series. Most canon pairings referred to, but only the above pairings explicitly. There will be angst, and the shifting of time.
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Fic: My King A Lost King (Angst, Rish for language)

TITLE: My King A Lost King
SUMMARY: Ianto has a few things to say to Jack after "End of Days."
DISCLAIMER: These characters belong to the BBC. I just fantasize about them.
CONTINUITY: This takes place several weeks after the episode "End of Days", which occurs a few months after my fic "Guilty of Dust and Sin." (Yes, I've lengthened the TW timeline.)
NOTES: The title is from the W.B. Yeats poem "What Was Lost." Thanks to akire_yta for the beta and helping me to catch Ianto's voice better. All remaining emo is my fault ;)

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TWFanFic: Shapes That Go Together [Jack/Ianto]

Title: Shapes That Go Together
Author: CS_WhiteWolf
Rating(s): R/18-Rated.
Pairing(s): Jack Harkness/Ianto Jones.
Word Count: 2485words.
Summary: Unbetad. Jack and Ianto get locked in the SUV.
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