January 7th, 2007


Truth and Consequence

I know I should be doing other stuff (sorry, clarity!) but I just had to get this done, if only to explain to myself Ianto's apparent lobotomy between episodes 12 and 13!

Title: Truth and Consequence
Characters: Ianto's POV
Disclaimer: Property of the BBC, no matter how hard I wish!
Spoilers: Final two episodes

Truth and Consequence fanfic
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Hello. I come bearing more fic. 
Title: On reflection, things always seem a lot clearer
Rating: PG
Characters: Ianto, Tosh and Jack is mentioned. 
Pairings: Ianto/Jack, and I suppose Ianto/Tosh
Spoilers: The last two episodes
Disclaimer: Not my characters, but they're on next years christmas list!

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Fic: Symmetry [Complete]

Title: Symmetry
Author: ladykoori
Rating(s): PG
Pairing(s): Jack/Ianto
Warning(s): Torchwood episode 1x13 End of Days. Includes speculation on DW Season 3 and TW Season 2.
Summary: The Universe is fond of symmetry.
Disclaimer: I merely play in the sandbox I don’t own it.
A/N: Not been beta, because who has the patience to get a drabble betaed?

The first thing Jack did…

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Reclaiming Camelot

Okay, so I don't have enough ideas buzzing around me head that I can't take on one more? *sigh* I am SUCH a masochist.

Clarity - I'll still be working on your story, promise.
Talcat - you're still Official Muse and I'm going to do your dead!Ianto story.
I'm also trying to put the third part of the Mirror trilogy together.

But for now, can you tell me if this prologue works? This story is going to be a monster, I can feel it in my bones....

Title: Reclaiming Camelot
Characters: Jack, then sort of everyone except Gwen
Disclaimer: Property of the BBC, no matter how much I wish otherwise!
Rating: Open
Spoilers: Reference to previous series, none for Season 2 unless I'm psychic.

Warning: Gwen and Owen fans should probably avoid this story!

Reclaiming Camelot: Prologue
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Information request

Once again, I fling myself at the mercy of the board (ooh, drama!) with a question.

Does anyone know the surname of Andy, Gwen's ex-partner? I'd go and watch the episodes he's in but I know damn straight I'd wind up watching all my favourite (Ianto) scenes and lose valuable writing time!

I could make one up for now, but any confirmation would be gratefully received.


Reclaiming Camelot

Okay, a question. Would people like me to post shorter chapters regularly, or longer chapters at longer intervals? I can do either and will be happy to go along with the majority.

Title: Reclaiming Camelot
Characters: Jack and Andy, soon to be joined by all the others except Gwen
Disclaimer: Property of the BBC, no matter how hard I rub the damn lamp!
Rating: Open
Warnings: Character death! And I don't mean Jack. Gwen fans are strongly advised to stay clear!
Spoiler: None that I can think of.

Reclaiming Camelot: Chapter One
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Hallo. Just recently back from holidays overseas. Ergo, see icons behind the cut (from Ep. 12) – of the spoilerish and non-spoilerish kind. Feel free to snag any of interest. Credit much appreciated.

Samples – the rest behind the cut.

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More Icons ...
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