December 31st, 2006


Repost of fic: Going on, now beta'ed

Now with puctuation, proper spacing and a lack of wandering perspectives.  

Seriously though I would like to say a big thank you  to Stolendreams for betaing this for me, it really was the fic that punctuation forgot. 

 Title: Going on
Author:  liveforever5000
Pairing: Jack/Ianto
Spoilers: Mainly Cyberwoman and Countrycide, but i'll say everything up to Countrycide to be safe.
Summary: Conversations, realisation and angst directly after countrycide.

Going on

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Sims2 Creations Under way...

So, as I formerly promised I am going to go ahead with my project and try to create a Weevil for the Sims2, though I am going to start off with a Cyberman (they have less facial detail) and build my way up to our beloved Janet. Then on to a Dalek. I'm currently posting in a few Sims comms for assistance with the meshing, skinning and practical difficulties involved with these projects, but of course there is always room for more help...

So, my question to all the wonderful people in this community, who have so long provided me with more Ianto slash than I can say is safe for one person to read, is can someone, anyone, be kind and point me toward some lovely big stills of a Weevil. As we all know Cybermen are all over the place, but sue to the Weevil's natural like of the dark, dank conditions of the sewer finding a well lit screencaps from odd angles is proving to be harder than I expected.

I'm starting on the Cyberman tomorrow. Call it work. Call it masochism. Call me your Sims2 goddess and worship me and I might let you borrow the when I'm done. >;)


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Spoiler and has anyone seen the latest edition of cult times

I've been spending way too much of my time on the internet again.

Spoiler regarding episodes 12/13 apparently got from Russel T Davies himself, according to the web site at least.

Follow link for spoilery article.

The cult times thing is to say that there is an interview with Gareth David-Lloyd in the January edition  and I was wondering if anybody had got it yet.


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-Giggles like a lunatic- I'm sorry this is so late - I'd decided not to do it, but I just heard the word "Torchwood" and couldn't resist. This is my minimega picspam of doom for the two released promos for Episodes 12 and 13. It's horrifically image heavy, as I've capped every second of them.

Warning: this contains heavy spoilers for the Torchwood finale, with info/pics from the two promos, other released spoilers and my own spec. Do not click if you are even slightly spoiler-phobic. You have been warned. Other than that, I hope you enjoy! And please feel free to add your own spec and spoilers in the comments.

Oh noes! Last picspam of the year!

Download: (566 KB)

(Previous picspams and downloads here)