December 30th, 2006


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Title: The very sordid love life of Ianto Jones
Rating: M, though nothing worse than would be seen on the show, I think.
Disclaimer: If it was mine... well, lets not go there hey?
tw_exchange Prompt: #24 for gem_pinkeh. I may not have done justice to it though.
Authors Notes: Anything aired so far is fair game to be spoiled. Though I think it's only 1x04 really. Very much Ianto/everyone.

The very sordid love life of Ianto Jones

Fic: Going on

Two fics in two days i must be on a roll :)

Title: Going on
Author:  liveforever5000
Pairing: Jack/Ianto
Word count: 2700
Spoilers: Mainly Cyberwoman and Countrycide, but i'll say everything up to Countrycide to be safe.
Summary: Conversations, realiasations and angst directly after countrycide


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Ok this should have been posted last night except that my internet connection decided that it was going to fall over just as I clicked the post button. Have reenstalled stupid drivers for stupid wireness network and its working again - so that was three hours of my saturday morning well spent.

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