December 29th, 2006

All Eternity

Title: All Eternity
Author: crystalshard
Rating(s): PG-13 for non-graphic sex and mild swearing.
Pairings/Characters: Jack/Ianto, Tenth Doctor
Warnings: Spoilers for 1x04, "Cyberwoman"
Summary: When you have all eternity, it's unusual to be surprised.
Disclaimer: I do not own Torchwood, it belongs to the BBC.

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He'd been blindsided.
Kara/Lee Scar kiss

lurker de lurking

there will be a fic in the next little while but I have 2 essays and 2 eaxams and the crazy finishes Jan 23rd so I think we all can figure why three fics lie dormant.

So why am I writing, well cause I was always trying to figure out what retcon was or why it has its name. I mean for gods sake it sounds like something you'd use to get rid of rats.

Well I found through the wonderful wiki retroactive continuity, or for short retcon. Apparently it is a writer thing so here is the link and enjoy the reading guys.

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My rather late Ianto picspam is here!

Torchwood 1x11 - Combat. Well, YUMMY. My proper review is elsewhere in my journal, but all that you're really interested in is the picspam, amd I can't say I blame you. Image heavy, as usual, and as Ianto was even more gorgeous than usual this week, take care not to die too messily. Take caps and use them for whatever if you wish.

Bite marks

Download: (504KB)

(Previous picspams and downloads here)
leto brothers

Beta Needed

Hello, if this isn't allowed, then feel free to delete it.
I'm writing a fic that's Jack/Ianto, but with a nice big sideplot of Tosh/Ianto friendship and possibly some Tosh/OFC. I can see it becoming a monster, and unfortunately my writing tends towards the pre-teen style melodrama at times. I need someone who can keep my story on track as well as bounce some ideas off to get me going.
Many thanks

Wish list for Ianto and Episodes 12 & 13

Okay, so I for one am surprised as to how much I've come to like Ianto as a character.  I think he's the one with the most potential for character development and am hoping TPTB (The Powers That Be) will note how much the fans think of him and it's reflected next season.  In the meantime I was wondering what everyone would like to see, in an ideal world, in episodes 12 & 13.

Warning - spoilers for the entire season as well as speculation under the cut.

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Not so much a story as a snippet

Okay, let's see if I can start the new year by posting properly, shall we?

Title: Incident
Pairing: Jack/Ianto (do I do any other?)
Rating: Um, probably PG due to implication of suicide being considered. Also some naughty words. Tsk.
Summary: Owen watches Jack and Ianto. Just a scene from a larger story, so you'll be hitting the ground running!
Disclaimer: Don't own them. (Oh, God, if only!) The BBC has that joy to keep them warm.

Knew I'd forget something!
Spoilers: Pretty much the entire series, but definitely from Cyberwoman onwards.


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Hi. So I've finally succumbed to joining the cult of Ianto, who is, lets be honest, the only reason for watching Torchwood. This is despite my best efforts not add another meticulous, polite, softly spoken, highly intelligent, sarky as hell, self depreciating but much, much more powerful that he lets on little bundle of insecurity to the collection. (Mostly I obsess about Remus Lupin from , not that I have a 'type' at all). But, well, he's gorgeous and I have no will power. Heh, I feel like such a pervy old woman saying that despite only being 25 myself, I don't think I've fancied anyone under 35 since Oz from BtVS.

Sarcasm really shouldn't be a turn on, should it?

I don't ship Ianto/Jack per se, I side with the under duress/ leading Jack into a false sense of security theory. However, well written yaoi is always fun, so I read it anyway >:) I'm also down with the theory that Ianto is a) far more competent/ well trained than he lets on and b) totally up to something. I really hope he doesn't turn out to be eevil though.

Could someone explain the 'woobie' thing to me. It makes a sort of sense but I don't get it.

Fic: First Times (part 2) - Jack/Ianto

Title: First Times (Part Two)
Author: _stolendreams_ (aka bexy86)
Rating: uh, 15?
Pairing: Jack/Ianto
Spoilers: Everything up to Out of Time
Summary: A series of first times from Ianto's point of view
Author's Note: Big big thanks first to dancy_dreamer for reassuring me that this was good enough to post, and then to silversolitaire for a wonderful and very speedy beta job, and for saving everybody from run on sentences without even a comma in sight ;-). A late Christmas present for everyone who asked for Ianto's point of view after reading part 1.

First Times

Part One is here

Fic: Gifts 2/2

Title: Gifts (open to suggestions for a better title), part 2/2
Pairing: Ianto/Jack
Spoilers: Up to Ep 10
Rating: Adults only
Summary: Jack distracts Ianto on Christmas day. I'm not sure how well this works, but I'm trying to finish all the fics I've started, so here it is. Unbeta'd. With many thanks to all who R&R'd the first part, you're all lovely.

I've been writing a lot of fluff lately, mostly because the hardcore angst fic I've been trying to get done lately just isn't working. But rest assured, angst will be forthcoming, as will more woobie!Ianto h/c.

On Christmas day in the morning...