December 24th, 2006


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Hooray for The Institute!

Snag, comment, credit, ta. :-)

(Quick note - in Australian slang, a "shitkicker" is the poor bastard who has to do the dirty work. I think the meaning is a bit different in US slang.)

ETA: Forgot to mention that the text in #2 is from Shriekback's song Hammerheads.
i heart winter

Merry Christmas, and a quick question.

A while ago, while searching through many many many MANY Ianto icons, I found one which had an animated clip of Ianto pointing to his face, the scene where he says "The old-fashioned way; with my EYES."

Now, I can't find the icon, and that makes me sad. Anybody know who made it/where I can find the wonderousness?