December 19th, 2006

we're goin' to the Winchesters

Fic, one shot, Title: It's only when i lose myself... [Jack/Ianto]

Title: It’s only when I lose myself in someone else…
Author: subtly_modded
Rating: NC-17
Pairing: Jack/Ianto
Summary: In the scope of my larger fic, this is a future meeting of Jack and Ianto, as I’d like to see it. I just couldn't wait to write this. Post writing, I realized that there was a song that went with the feelings I was trying to portray in this.
Spoilers: None

It's only when I lose myself in someone else, that I find myself...

Major, major spoiler!

Okay, most of this will be hidden beneath a spoiler cut, but I just had to share! I got it from the torchwoodtv site, so I don't know the protocol for this - do I give the web address? Apparently it's on the official Torchwood site, but since I still can't work out how to navigate that site I'm usually dependent on other people telling me what's on it!

This is apparently a legit BBC-authorised spoiler and says that Jack Collapse )

Anyway, major spoiler for the next few episodes, I'm thinking!

Goodbye? 2/?

I know I said it would only be a couple of days until I posted the second part of this but RL stuff happened and is still happening but i've got it done now, but have found that the plot bunnies are still saying you cannot leave it there so there will be at least one more part - probably after christmas now.

Title: Goodbye? (still stuck for a decent title)
Writer: liveforever5000Pairing: Ianto/Jack
Rating: PG13 
Spoilers: Slightly for Cyberwoman,  also for a certain well known picture said to be from episode 13.
Think that just about covers it.
Have reposted first part as second probably doesn't make much sense without it. 

Collapse )

Collapse )

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