December 15th, 2006

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This coffee's a mouthgasm...

I finally figured out the perfect ratio of  Bavarian chocolate flavored coffee to Columbian coffee. OMG so here's the recipe. Mmm so good. BTW I'm also on a community called  

Ok so I use a Black and Decker coffee maker (yes it does make a difference in the coffee).

It's two scoops of Columbian to a half scoop of the Bavarian chocolate coffee. My scoop equals 30mL , I think. That's for five may have to adjust that for your maker. 

You can luckily just buy it at the grocery store....
 I used President's Choice Columbian coffee (It's medium roast and fine grind). It has parrots on the front if you're looking for it.
The Bavarian chocolate coffee is Van Houtte Cafe Bavarian Chocolate coffee.  They have website it's just . As far as I know they're only in Canada and the US. 

cocoajava_cafe is the comm I belong to....yummy coffee chocolatey goodness.
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Fic: Guilty of Dust and Sin (Jack/Ianto, PG-13ish)

TITLE: Guilty of Dust and Sin
CATEGORY:'s Jack/Ianto.
SUMMARY: "Given a sleeping tiger, Jack would always be the first to poke it with a big stick to see what happened."
DISCLAIMER: These characters belong to the BBC. I just fantasize about them.
CONTINUITY: This takes place before "They Keep Killing Suzie," but after my fic "Hate Can Pardon." I've added a few months to the TW timeline.
NOTES: You need to read "Hate Can Pardon" before reading this, or it won't make any sense. Thanks to Heidi and Cedara for the beta :)

* * * * *

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