November 26th, 2006

Fic: Training Part 2

Title: Training: Part 2

Author: CrabbyLioness

Characters: Torchwood 5

Disclaimer: Property of the BBC & their people. I'm not making a penny.
Rating: PG No porn yet, folks. Go down one more post for a good one, though!

Word Count: 1100-ish?
Spoilers through Countrycide
Sequel to Damages
Part 1

Tonight, with any luck, Ianto would get a fully-authorized opportunity to punch Jack Harkness in the jaw again. He fought to keep a grin off his face.
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Not strictly a post for this comm, so I apologise, but I thought you might know more being the obsessive viewers you are! I was wondering if anyone else had noticed that Tosh is omitted from the "Welcome Message" ? I am almost sure she was mentioned before, then again I wasn't looking, but if so it means she has been erased... Or if she was originally not there, why not? Does Ianto not like her? Was that coffee she gave him instant? ;)