November 22nd, 2006


Some icons

Hey all,

I just realized that I have never posted my icons here, so I thought I would remedy that. I have posted them to the Torchwoodslash lj comm, so some of you may have already seen them. These are all Ianto related in one way or another. Feel free to use if you like, just please comment and credit. Thank you.

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11 Colourbars

Over at my graphics journal, Pinkeh_graphics, I've just uploaded 11 shiny new colourbars, some of which are spoilery for Countrycide, but anywho, why not go check em out here!
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Hello!  Been lurking for awhile, thought I may as well contribute sometihing.

So I have some random Torchwood Icons up at my joournal, mostly of Ianto, Jack, or both.



The rest are up at my journal.

Feel free to take, but comment and credit please!


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I finally got round to posting the second part of my Ianto picspam for episode 6. There isn't any commentary or anything cause I'm too tired :P Very spoilery for Countrycide, very image heavy, feel free to take caps. I think that's all.

Part 1
Part 2

Enjoy :)
Torchwood Ianto Scared
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Fave line

I just watched this week's ep for the 3rd time and decided it is necessary the pick out the one line from the ep that sums it up; but since some people may not have seen it yet, i will hide it behind a link;

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Please reply with your fave lines. If people like to share, I will endeavour to make this a weekly activity.