October 29th, 2006

Fic: Who Are You? (1/1)

Title: Who Are You?
Author: juliejordan
Rating: R (for a tiny bit of language and slash...just being safe!)
Summary: Ianto Jones can't help but be curious about his mysterious boss.
Spoilers: None, really.
Author Notes: I'd sworn off writing Doctor Who fanfic, but when the voices in my head ordered me to write this Torchwood vignette, I had to give into them or they'd never leave me in peace. Apologies if it's rubbish, just trying to spread the Ianto love.

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Fic: Snow

Hello, I'm lower_case_me. By way of an introduction, here's a short and unbeta'd Ianto fic. Non-shippy, I'm sad to say. I'm not usually attracted to men in suits, so I gave Ianto a dark and angsty past to explain why he goes in for the formal look. It will probably be the first one of part of a 3-part series. R & R welcome.

Title: Snow
Rating: FRT for mentions of violence
Characters: Ianto Jones
Summary: Why does Ianto wear a suit?

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