October 17th, 2006


Radio Times - Character Profile

Ianto Jones
(Gareth David-Lloyd)

Role Receptionist

Special skills "Ianto's brilliant with figures", says David-Lloyd, "at applying maths and logic to problems."

Personality "He tries to be the strong silent type, but he's probably more childlike than he likes to show."

Strengths/weaknesses "He can give in to temptation in one way or another. And there's a secret he's hiding from the Torchwood team. Strengths: efficiency. Ianto's always there when needed."

Reaction to Weevils "He sees them as lab specimens, nothing to be loved or to feel sorry for."

Fancies "Ianto has a partner, which I'm not allowed to talk about. But there's definitely an attraction there, for Jack. And possibly for Gwen."

So, Ianto/Jack really is only one footstep away from canon. Oh, and from Jack's profile: "Ianto is the piece of tart on the side."