October 15th, 2006

some basic icons to kick things off

Given that everyone is using the coffee icon *weg* here are some basic, basic Ianto icons to kickstart us off. You know, one of these days I really should pick up photoshop or something...

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Yank if any appeal - comment and credit nice but not necessary for such quickies *weg*
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First official Ianto Jones challenge

So, torchwoodcoffee is in dire need for a decent header and so I'd like to announce this comm's first challenge!

Create a header fitting for this journal/layout and post it in this thread. Afterwards the members will decide which one they like best and will adorn this comm for years to come.

So to give you something to do till the premiere, let's say deadline for submissions is the 22nd, the next day voting will start.

So have fun and submit lots of good stuff!