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Love Lost, Love Found 6/?

Title: Love Lost, Love Found
Author: Stephanie M
Summary: Jack’s actions cause him to lose his love; years later can he find it again? 
Spoilers: References to Cyberwoman (1x04), Greeks Bearing Gifts (1x06) and Countrycide (1x07)
Pairing: Jack/Ianto.
Rating: R
Warnings: References to rape and child abuse.

Disclaimer: I don't own Doctor Who or Torchwood, and this is not intended to infringe on any copyright. This story is purely for entertainment not for monetary purposes.
Notes: Thanks to dannylover934 for beta reading 

Chapter 6


Deciding it was time to break one of his own rules about blatantly using technology from the future, Jack walked into the Hub determined to use every method at his disposal to save Ianto. He didn’t give a damn about rules of temporal dynamics when Ianto was in danger; he knew that he could be fucking up time even by saving Ianto. He had no idea if Ianto died in the original timeline but fuck it, he wasn’t letting Ianto die while he was around.


Holding up a hand to stop Gwen from talking, Jack headed straight for the safe located in a small trapdoor in his office. Typing in his code Jack took out the small glass box, examining the contents carefully before walking back to the main area of the Hub where everyone was standing.


“What have you got there?”


“It’s going to help me find Ianto,” Jack said curtly to Gwen hoping it would stop her from asking further questions, and he frowned as he continued, “Do you have any information for me, Toshiko?”


Toshiko said quickly, “Paul Jones is a cardiologist who graduated top of his class. His personnel file says he is highly focused and is very loyal. He has published one article in the last year, exploring the effects a number of poisons have on the cardiac system. His interests include cross-country running, rock climbing and military antiques. His neighbours reported that he has a number of antique guns locked away in cases and an extensive collection of swords. They don’t remember seeing him since two days ago.”


“Your turn,” Jack said looking at Gwen and Owen. He could tell from the bleak look in Gwen’s eyes that the pair hadn’t been very successful not that he had expected them to come back with anything important.


Seeing Jack was about to lose his temper, Owen admitted, “No one knows anything about him. One of the hostages said that the guy seemed to be out of it for a few seconds before having weird mood swings. He seemed to go from excited to depressed to angry every quickly. It seems the guy is unstable meaning that Ianto could be killed before the time limit.”


“He is not going to be killed. Report, Gwen!”


“The police have agreed to join in the search but they would like a little more to go on.”


“They’re not the only ones,” Owen muttered darkly.


Jack opened the jar and gently scooped out its contents, smiling softly at the tickling feeling caused by tiny feet and wings on his finger. He hissed slightly as he felt teeth biting into his finger; this was always the part that hurt.


“What is that?” Toshiko asked staring at the small black creature feasting on Jack.


“This little creature was manufactured in a laboratory on a planet far away. Its bite injects a drug that temporarily heightens someone’s psychic abilities and since both Ianto and I are trained to receive and send telepathic communications, I am hoping it will allow me to get in touch with him. We’ve got about forty minutes before it kicks in so it’s time to get down to business.”


Owen looked at his boss deciding not to go into the reasons why letting some weird alien inject you with unknown drugs was a bad idea. He had a feeling that if he gave Jack a lecture about being irresponsible when Ianto was in danger the man would probably hit him or worse.


“What? Why aren’t we trained in it?”


“Tosh has been trained. You weren’t trained Owen because you never worked for any of the other Torchwood commands and we no longer have the training as part of the induction process, Gwen.”


“Do you really think this is going to help?” 


“Yes, Ianto knows my presence so he won’t shield his mind against me.”


Ignoring the gaping looks Jack ordered, “Gwen, get to Paul Jones’ home and go through everything with a fine toothcomb. Owen, see if anyone at the hospital knows anything about his personal life I want to know everything about him; where he vacations, where he met his girlfriend, everything. Tosh, I need you to go through all footage we have of scenes Ianto and myself visited together. I don’t care where it comes from, check the archives, the internet, the CCTV cameras, everything. We need to find out how long this guy has been planning this and how much he knows about us.”


“Why do we need to know what he knows about us?”


“I need to know if he got into anything about Ianto. Look over everything; personnel files, psychologists reports, performance assessments. We need to know how much he knows about Ianto so we can figure out if he knows how Ianto would react to being kidnapped.”


“What do you mean? Isn’t it obvious how he would react?” Gwen asked in confusion.


Jack shook his head. “No. Some people panic, others get mushy or angry but not Ianto. That fucker has seriously underestimated my Ianto because he is stronger than people think. Ianto is a cunning, compassionate, devious, downright stubborn, intelligent survivor who will do everything in his power to escape. Ianto is not going to let some insane vengeful piece of scum take him down.”


“Are we talking about the same Ianto Jones?”


“Owen, you better than anyone should know that people can be a lot more than they appear on the surface. How many people get to see the real Owen Harper? Now everyone get to work; the clock’s ticking.”


Ianto considered how long he had until his kidnapper returned to his room with intentions of hurting him or doing something else. His internal clock told him that he had been left alone for five hours meaning Paul would probably turn up soon. Looking around Ianto couldn’t see any sign of a camera or other surveillance equipment which gave him the hope that he would not be caught if he managed to escape from his chains. While he was chained up Ianto couldn’t help but think it was heartbreaking yet terrifying that someone would go to such extreme lengths to get revenge without expecting it to backfire on them.


Ianto knew that that Jack would be searching for him and woe betide Paul Jones when he found them because Jack was going to lose it. Ianto blushed slightly as he realised how much it pleased him to know that Jack was possessive of him, and how special it made him feel. Jack was the only one to see him as someone to be protected but more importantly the man had recognised his need to belong and rather than considering him strange, had seemed to be flattered that he was the one Ianto wanted to belong to. All his life Ianto had searched for a place or a person that made him feel safe and comfortable, Jack met both of these criteria.


Now his memories had returned Ianto was ashamed to realise how little he had shared with Lisa compared to what he had shared with Jack. He had never told Lisa about his past, about needing to feel protected because he had thought it would make her see him as weak. With Jack it had been different because from the moment they had met Jack had been acting as a protector; first rescuing Ianto from the hands of the potential rapists then rescuing him from the creatures that haunted his dreams and thoughts. Ianto felt it was probably their unusual first meeting that made him feel safe with Jack, the shared trauma linked him to Jack in a way that he had never experienced before. Jack hadn’t laughed at his fears or his dreams, but had held him close promising that he was always going to be there and that they would face any shit that appeared together. They had done just that, Jack had been his rock, helping him deal with the haunting memories of his troubled childhood and near rape. At times Ianto had wondered how Jack could put up with him and his deep-rooted issues, for a while it seemed like every night he woke Jack up screaming. The most memorable example was just three months into their relationship and fourteen weeks after his attempted rape when he woke up screaming to be left alone and that he didn’t mean to make the men want him. Jack had held him as he shook from fear and adrenaline overload, saying he understood how Ianto felt because he had been there himself. The revelation that Jack had been an assault victim had caused him to freeze for a few seconds before he pulled Jack’s lips to his own. Jack hadn’t understood the Ianto’s apology that night, Ianto didn’t know if the man understood even now what it meant. Ianto had apologised that he had albeit unknowingly reminded Jack of his own assault and had caused the man pain. After holding each other for hours the pair had made their first pact, that they would tell each other what had happened, how they felt about it and more importantly, they would face everything together. The sound of a deadbolt being unfastened caused Ianto to take a deep breath, removing any traces of his fears and feelings from his face so it wouldn’t give the man anything to use against him.


“Hello, Ianto. Do you need to use the facilities?” Paul said in a light tone, as if they were friends.


“I could use the toilet.”


“I will take you but your hands are going to be cuffed together until we get there. I will let you go inside by yourself but I will be waiting outside. I’d hate to have to hurt you for trying to escape so just behave yourself.”


Ianto nodded feeling it was best just to play along until he had gotten a look at his prison and had planned an escape route. Slowly, he walked in front of Paul, whose gun was pressed tightly against his back making it obvious that despite his earlier words his kidnapper still felt he couldn’t be trusted. As they approached the toilet Ianto made careful note of where the each room was in location to each other and of which floorboards creaked. Going into the toilet Ianto was surprised to see the window was open, not enough for him to escape but perhaps enough that he could use it for something.


//Ianto, it’s me. Can you hear me?//


Ianto froze in place at the sound of Jack’s voice filled his mind, he had no idea that Jack could communicate telepathically. Knowing he couldn’t spend long inside the toilet before Paul would appear urging him to move Ianto replied quickly.


//Loud and clear, Jack. Are you okay?//


//Just peachy considering the love of my life has been kidnapped by some psychopath with a grudge against me. We think your abductor is a man called Paul who is in his early forties, blue eyes, short-cropped hair and a few inches taller than you. Have we got the right man?//


//Yes, he keeps mentioning that he needs to make you pay for killing his girlfriend. I’ve been convincing him that I’m still in love with Lisa and hate you for killing her. He seems to believe me, I’m hoping he will relax his guard soon now that he sees me as a victim.//


//Be careful around him; he’s insane and unpredictable.//


//I had gathered as much when he kidnapped me.// Ianto replied dryly as he made his way back to his cell. He knew that he was lucky in that Paul didn’t appear to be interested in him sexually or even interested in hurting him. As far as he could tell Paul was going to leave him alone until it was time to kill him.


Paul smiled. “I won’t cuff you to the bed since you can’t do any harm in this room. I’ll be back to check on you later, Ianto.”


“Thank you,” Ianto said calmly.


“I don’t want to make this unpleasant for you, Ianto. Believe me, if there was any other way to make Jack suffer I wouldn’t be doing this. It isn’t your fault that Jack Harkness is a cold hearted murderer obsessed with you,” Paul said seriously before leaving the room and locking the door.


//We can talk again, Jack.//


//Do you know where you are?//


Ianto answered quickly, //No but I think you do. He mentioned something about watching you come to this house. There are a lot of boxes around labelled with dates in your handwriting. He’s taken me back to my room, which is the first left when you go up the stairs. He hasn’t cuffed me down, he seems to think I can’t do anything dangerous here.//


//I know where you are. Has he done anything to you?// Jack asked knowing Ianto would understand what he was referring to.


Ianto said soothingly, //No. He seems to be almost apologetic that he has to kill me. He doesn’t seem to be inclined to rape me or anything. He just locked me in a room and left me alone.//


//I’m on my way, keep out of his way. I’m not sure if I’ll be able to talk to you later, I’m a little out of practice with telepathy but contact me if anything happens.//


//Okay. I’ll see you soon.// Ianto said quickly before lying down on the bed and closing his eyes, deciding he may as well get some rest so that he was ready and alert to escape when Jack arrived.


Jack sat down reeling at the thought that soon it could all be over, admittedly now he would have to figure out how to get into the house without being seen by any of the eight cameras surrounding it. He had never thought someone would use his own home against him.


Smiling widely Jack said, “I know where Ianto’s being kept. The house is very well guarded; the cameras are running on a generator that isn’t accessible outside so we can’t simply set them up on a loop. Along with the usual cameras there are four infrared cameras rotate every five minutes. I have some clothing that will bend light so we won’t be seen but our body heat will give us away.”


“Does that mean that there is a brief blind spot?”


“There is but only for a minutes and we need more time than that to get inside. I’ll drive us out camera range and get inside alone.  I’m the best person to go inside because I know the layout.”


“How do you know what this place looks like?”


“I own it. It was going to be a gift for Ianto, a place to relax.  Gwen, stay here and man the phones. Tosh, I need you to contact the police and make sure all the roads on the way to the house are clear. I don’t care what line you have to spin, we are to be given priority. Owen, you are with me but if you do anything to upset Ianto, your life will not be worth living. Bring a fully stocked med kit in case Ianto has been hit, its not like he would tell me if he was hurt.”


Gwen looked like she was going to protest at being left behind but was stopped by a glare from Tosh. She knew it made sense to leave people at The Hub but if Ianto had been traumatised he would need someone with a softer side than Owen.


Jack went into his office and took out the two ultramarine colour robes from the safe, they were ideal for the mission because they were made of a material that effectively made the wearer invisible. They had been developed by human scientists in the 25th centaury for use in special operations; Jack had made it a point to scavenge two from the future because he wanted to be prepared for anything that happened.


As she watched the two men leave the room Gwen muttered a quick prayer for Ianto’s safe return, it amazed her that she was praying because she had stopped being religious when she had joined the police force and had her eyes forced open to everything that the human race was capable of.


“Why didn’t they ask one of us to go?”


Tosh said bluntly, “Ianto doesn’t like to appear weak or injured in front of anyone, the only reason Jack ordered Owen on the rescue mission is because Ianto might need patching up. Ianto’s going to be okay, Jack would sell his soul if it got Ianto back safe and sound.”


Gwen nodded in agreement, from what she had seen Jack Harkness would go to amazing lengths for his team. She sometimes felt that he cared more about his team than he did about himself, she couldn’t imagine what he would do for Ianto. The earlier revelation that Jack had been involved with Ianto for a year before cruelly wiping his mind confused her, she didn’t know what that showed about her boss as well as she had thought. On one hand, it showed he was capable of loving someone but on the other it showed that Jack could hurt someone he supposedly loved more than anything else without a second thought. Jack could be capable of anything if he could hide such deep and enduring love without anyone noticing. Gwen couldn’t help but pity Ianto for finding out that he had been involved with the man who had killed his last girlfriend; it put a whole new spin on Jack’s decision to kill Lisa. Was it possible that Lisa could have been saved and Jack had lied to them so that they would kill her, allowing him unfettered access to Ianto? Gwen resolved to be there for Ianto, as he came to terms with his past and his feelings for Jack, she would protect Ianto even from himself. She would be there to make sure Ianto didn’t enter into a relationship with Jack before giving himself time to think and room to breathe.


End Chapter 6

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