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Fic: Fill the Empty Spaces

Title: Fill the Empty Spaces
Author: Missa mgunby
Fandom: Torchwood
Pairing: Pre-Jack/Ianto, Ianto+Tosh friendship strongly hinted
Rating: PG-13
Disclaimers: Not Mine. BBC and RTD get to make that claim.
Warning/Spoilers: Spoilers for 1x04 only, I think. Also, un beta-d.

Summary: So when Ianto disappeared in the middle of the day, Jack got a bit worried. Ianto may have felt himself lost or adrift, but Jack didn't think he'd harm himself. Didn't he?

A/N: Fic is firmly ensconced between 1x04 and 1x05. This works as a one-off, but yes, there are more to follow.

This is my first real Torchwood fic. I'm coming out of lurking to post. [takes a deep breath] here we go.

( follow the fake cut to my fic journal)
Tags: fanfic

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