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Fic: And The Band Plays On

Title: And The Band Plays On
Author: louie x
Rating: R/NC-17, for gore and sex
Pairing: Implied Jack/Jack, implied JackxIanto, Jack/Ianto, and JackxJackxIanto
Spoilers: All of season one of Torchwood and perhaps season 3 of Doctor Who
Summary: Jack thought of himself as a sensible man, one who could tell between the waking and the dream...
Notes: x-posted to jackxianto, please enjoy and sorry for repeats~!

Jack thought of himself as a sensible man, one who could tell between the waking and the dream (or mara-induced) worlds. Waking world was finally getting back together with the Doctor --okay not his Doc, but in spirit the same guy-- and traveling around anywhere they pleased with... well not Rose, but this new girl Martha who had a mouth on her that was best used for cursing in newly learned alien languages.

Not what he always dreamt but close enough for him to lay back with a smile in the TARDIS every night and push aside the nagging thought that he was a bastard for running off after Abbadon's defeat. Not his best moment but dammit, he suffered! He saved the world countless times over, Jack thought he deserved to be happy after all the years left behind and confused. Sometimes that would shut the voice up that he was a hypocrite, continuing a cycle of abandonment and broken hearts.

Regardless, Jack was sensible enough to know that he was asleep in bed on the TARDIS and not walking up the stairs to the dance hall where Bilis had trapped him and Tosh in 1941. It was still in its pristine former glory but empty, none of the happy voices or soldiers crowding around the bar in the lobby or on the stairways. Still there was music, soft almost canned sounding music from the main ball room and a steady voice counting in time with the song.

Jack dashed up the stairs as his heart leapt into his throat, that was a voice he knew, the easy flowing tones of an ill fated captain drove his body further up the seemingly never ending stairs before Jack propelled himself into the room. There indeed was Captain Jack Harkness, tall in his uniform just as the night he was last seen but he wasn't alone. In his arms was an equally well dressed man, a neat black suit with a white shirt, waistcoat, and black dotted tie.

The real Captain Jack Harkness was softly counting in time to the music with Ianto Jones, teaching him how to dance as they worked in a fine circuit about the dance floor. "You know..." the American began with a soft twinkle to his eyes, a pause to grin at the man standing and watching them. "He's really quite good at this once he just lets himself go."


Ianto's tone was soft, but still there was a smile on his face as he seemed hesitant to meet Jack's eye almost out of a childish embarrassment. "And to think, James..." the handsome captain went on, Ianto only pausing in his shy attitude to lift a brow at the unfamiliar name. "You said you had no one, hiding this local bundle away for safe keeping..? Afraid I'd over look you for him?"

This was by far the oddest dream he'd ever had, Jack thought to himself and stepped closer to the two while trying to think of what to say. He could say that it was the forties and saying 'oh no, I have this hot welsh guy I'm sleeping with who looks great in a suit and is smarter than I give him credit for' just wouldn't fly then.

Ianto however just sighed and shook his head "That's how things are, Captain. I'm a tea boy. A part-time shag to fill his empty nights, I realize this now and how much it pains me to say that Owen was right about that."

Those key words stuck out, yes Jack could remember going back over the CCTV footage before he left and saw Ianto arguing with Owen about opening the rift. Saw the doctor be shot after saying such perfectly honed, hurtful words. "Ianto, that's not true," he tried to say but the music swelled suddenly and the other captain laughed while the music picked up, spinning Ianto out from his arms but keeping the fingers of one hand laced together.

"Ianto... please listen!"

He watched as Ianto's head fell back during the lovely display, a flash of thunder sounded just outside the large windows of the hall and that beautiful face was twisted with metal and blood. A mutilated, poorly formed cyberman was pulled back into the handsome captain's grasp as the two spun about the room. Jack took a step back in shock but Ianto looked fine now, as if the thunder outside had cast a shadow of death over the young man.

A shiver over took him and he rubbed at his arms while watching the two dancing laugh softly as they mostly ignored him now. The captain leaning in to kiss Ianto with soft, shy little touches of their lips before trailing down to his neck as those long arms came about the pilot's shoulders to keep him close. Jack felt his stomach twist as again the thunder sounded, the lights dimmed and an almost eerie red light filled the room.

Then there was the smell of burnt meat.

Jack's mouth fell open as he saw the captain, his lovely tragic captain, flesh burnt and uniform charred. A veritable zombie of a man still coyly making out with Ianto as they moved in an unmarked circle about the room, blood soaked bony hands reached up to cup the younger man's face and left red trails in their wake.


He tried to cry out and move forward but found his feet rooted to the spot, only able to watch as a blackened thumb slipped between soft lips.

Then all was well, the soft music playing with the warm yellow lighting of real lamps and torches. Back was his beautiful captain, flesh intact and clean as he put his hands back into a dance position as he dipped Ianto back with a flourish. They were laughing, an open mouthed loud noise that came from Ianto that stabbed into Jack's gut even worse because... well, he missed the sound of Ianto laughing. His dear captain, well his laughter was loud but smooth from years of smoking.

Again they were kissing, this time a far more serious kiss that had the younger man moaning softly with a hand sliding up into the neatly styled hair of the soldier in his arms. Jack shifted, trying to move again as the tumble of thunder had an ominous echo before it even crashed. He closed his eyes, not wanting to see what terrible thing would happen to these two men this time, not wanting to know what possible death they would be subjected to.

It was the foul smell that hit his nose, the scent of blood and open flesh which had him gagging as he finally looked up. There in the dim lighting, they were still kissing and he could see that the captain was using his tongue with slow easy strokes to make Ianto whine softly in the back of his throat. He could see it because part of his face was missing, exposing blood stained bone and teeth through a gaping wound torn by savage hands. The same with one of his legs; the bloody and torn civvies hung awkwardly off his mutilated body that stood on one leg so naturally even as his neck gave a sudden spurt from the severed artery which sprayed the dark clotted blood onto the floor.

Jack retched as things began to spin; the jumbled scents of metal, blood, and burnt flesh moved as if alive through out his body. It seeped into every pore of his skin, ghosted along his brain and down into his stomach until there was nothing left.

He woke up in bed, staring at the TARDIS ceiling with the nausea still crawling over every nerve in his body.

An arm darted around his waist, pulling him back against a hot form behind him and Jack struggled against the slippery sheets on his bed as something was pressing into him and filled his ass with an unsettling ease. "Love you James...." the smooth smokey voice purred into his ear and Jack was far to scared to look behind him as he quite easily saw hands that changed with the ever present thunder. Burned and scarred, toned and strong, charred and black... back and forth, Jack couldn't bare to see his face even as the captain's body moved so perfectly against his own. Jack moaned into the bedding, tears sliding down his face as kisses rained upon his shoulders and neck with soothing easy sounds of love and tenderness filled his ears.

It was awkward on his side but Jack wasn't going to tell the captain to stop, he'd only wince and close his eyes against the tears when a charred arm would hold him close or burnt fingers would touch his lips. He wasn't expecting to be turned, guided onto his knees to find Ianto laid out beneath him wearing nothing but Jack's grey coat and a smile. Perfect and pristine, he was a sight for terrified eyes and held his boss close when the man buried in against him. Jack nuzzled the familiar fabric, moaned as his namesake struck his prostate in succession and made his body shiver from head to toe.

Ianto's long legs came up, tugging both men towards him and Jack quite suddenly found himself buried in all another way with the welshman. A soft groan was his only answer to his body's sudden sensory overload of having both of these men at once. "Love you Jack...." the heavily accented words fell past his ear as cool arms wrapped around his shoulders and he was dragged into a kiss that tasted of blood which pained him so.

He was too scared to open his eyes again; tears ran down his cheeks as he felt the torn skin from fire at his back but still moaned in pleasure from the real Jack sliding into him like it was fate, tasted blood in his mouth from Ianto's kisses which were from bitten lips or felt the cold touch of metal and sparks of an electric current where his palms rested. A sob wrenched from his chest just as Ianto groaned out his name at a particularly well aimed thrust of his boss's hips.

Jack was disgusted with himself from taking pleasure but... but the elusive climax never came. He felt like they were fucking for hours, bile stung in his throat at the cold taste of blood or a brush of a burnt finger left skin on his tongue. Why wasn't this just... ending?

"Fix it, Jack." An overly gleeful northern accent answered his silent pleas. "Open your eyes and that sweet mouth of yours and fix it." But Jack was so scared, he couldn't see them like this again, it was killing him to see them like this.

Still he listened. He turned his head and opened his eyes, letting the new tears fall as his blurred vision took in the blackened face of a pilot felled in a long ago war when his plane caught fire. Their bodies stopped moving for just this moment and Jack whimpered as he was both pressed in deep and filled to the brim at once. Those soft gray eyes were the same behind the burnt lashes just watched as Jack swallowed back the hurt at seeing what had become of such a great man.

"I love you..."

It was barely understood but there it was, mingled in between a sob and a tremble were the words that made the fair captain smile. He kissed Jack softly, their lips just barely brushing which only nursed the ache of hurt that saying those words opened but he was whole when they parted. That soft smile, a shy little touch to such a self assured man, nuzzled against his cheek but it faded quickly as the captain bit his lower lip and give Jack a nudge to look forward. Jack braced for blood and metal and dismemberment but it wasn't there, not like how his namesake's fate was out of his hands... Ianto had survived an attack by cybermen, Jack had saved him from those cannibals. All these visions were fears, were projected by Jack himself and with the strength of the man behind him he knew now that there was no way he would see a corpse beneath him.

What he couldn't save Ianto from was an aftermath, a self inflicted shrine to Jack's memory. Pale skin with dark circles under his eyes, a thinner body, and these empty blue eyes. This was Ianto without his deus ex machina, without the answers to his questions, lacking the validation of being needed or wanted; of being left behind and barely surviving again.

Jack felt the brush of lips over his shoulder, of the captain's hand sliding into his own and knew that he could fix this too. It was said with a kiss, a gentle brushing of lips as had just been done to him only moments earlier; a soft whisper of "I love you," and Jack felt Ianto smile.

Like a shot they all cried out, their frozen moment in time snapped and they were once again caught up within one another. A sudden heat rushed from one to the other as they reached their peaks in unison, moans of names and cries of ecstasy filled the air as Jack's mind whited out into nothing.

They laid curled on either side of him when he came to, knowing that this would end finally but found himself clinging desperately to these last moments. Three sets of legs tangled together, two dark heads of hair nestled against his neck as they slept pillowed upon his shoulders, and their fingers intertwined over his chest... yet they felt weightless around him no matter how hard he tried to hold onto both of them they slipped away as he woke from his dream.

Jack found himself in bed alone, his body aching all over, cum stains on his sheets, and his eyes swollen from crying. He curled onto his side and hugged himself tight, listening to the comforting purr of the TARDIS as it spun through space and distantly hearing this new Doctor singing an old rock and roll song all the way from the control room.

He was a sensible man, very sure of things when they stood before him but for his untouchable life Jack wasn't certain about himself anymore.

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