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Pretty When You Cry

Title: Pretty When You Cry
Pairing: Jack/Ianto
Rating: PG
Word Count: 1,185
Summary: A Jack returning fic, but a more personal encounter with just Jack and Ianto. Jack came back for Ianto.
Author notes: I know we've seen a lot of Jack returning fics but I asked for a plot bunny and maverick0324 gave me the quote I didn't really love you, but I'm pretty when I lie. and this is what came out. The title is actually the title of the song which the quote is from, fun fun fun! So, go now and enjoy!

So, it was time to come back. Jack was standing outside, not quite ready to go in yet. They probably had seen him on the CCTV but who knows. It had been nearly a year their time since he had been gone, hadn’t it? The Doctor was getting less and less precise with what time they ended up in. But he had to come back and now he was.

Jack had just missed him too much. Strange that he could have lived this long and somehow had fallen in love with a Welshman! Of all the nationalities he chose Welsh. It had to be the suits’ fault.

But then again, when was Jack Harkness ever really able to control what his heart did?

Giving his hair a dramatic toss to try and bolster his courage some Jack strode through the door and into the reception room.

And there he was. Behind the counter, looking down at some black binder, pen in hand was the beautiful Ianto Jones. He looked up, receptionist smile all in place to dissuade who ever had come in the door from staying long and dropped his pen in shock.


Ianto’s face changed from shocked to relieved, to confused, and angry in about all of five seconds.

“I’m back.” Jack said, not daring to move any closer yet.

Ianto stood very still and then put the binder he was holding down. Jack could see he was leaning against the counter for support though he was attempting to make it appear that he was standing up just fine, thank you.

“Um… where have you been? It’s been… hell Jack, you’re back.” Anger flashed in his eyes then. “Where the hell have you been?”

Stepping closer Jack put his hands out in front of him in a gesture of peace. “I’m sorry Ianto, I can’t really explain.”

“Can’t explain?” Ianto suddenly looked livid. “You can’t explain a year of absence? Appearing again after leaving us to worry over you, search for, for almost a year?”

Jack had reached the other side of the counter now and reached a hand out to cup Ianto’s face. It was ok, he could do this, he could. He could calm Ianto, kiss and make up, all would be well.

“I know this is not the best thing-”

“Not the best!” Ianto cut him off and pulled his face away, but he did not let go of the counter. “Not the best? A year, Jack, that may not be long to you but to the rest of us mere mortals it’s a good chunk of time.”

Jack put his hands over Ianto’s on the counter. “Listen to me, Ianto. I came back because of you. I want to say I’m sorry and…”

“You’re sorry…” Jack could see that Ianto was fighting back tears.

He tired to pull his hands away from under Jack’s but Jack would not let him.

“I know you love me Ianto and I wanted to-”

“I don’t love you!” Ianto yelled, a tear escaping from one eye.

Breathing in slowly Jack forced himself to stay as calm as possible, clearly it was going to have to be him that was the calm one this time.


However, Ianto kept on, ignoring Jack's attempts to stay him.

“It was all a lie. That’s what I am, the liar of Torchwood, the deceiver, you knew that Jack.”

“Ianto, stop it. You don’t need to do this.”

Jack had to get him back. He could see Ianto spiraling out of control. Maybe he had decided to go about this the wrong way. Maybe he had hurt Ianto more than he realized by leaving.

“I didn't really love you,” Ianto continued and then his voice suddenly became very dark and intense, “but I'm pretty when I lie.”

Jack started in surprise giving Ianto time to finally pull his hands free and stumble backward away from Jack, the counter still between them. Barely standing before him Jack stared in shock at the man he saw. What had Jack really caused in leaving?

“That’s all I was to you, the pretty one. Owen’s no where near your type, Suzie was the professional, Tosh too much of computer dork and Gwen came far too late for you to change your course. I was the pretty one that you chose. All the times when I was lying to you, concealing Lisa, I just looked so pretty done up in my suits that you like so much.”

“Stop it.” Jack said. "That is not true."

Ianto was trying to push his buttons, get back at him for leaving. He could not rise to the bait and lash out.

“I was the best choice of this place and you had to have someone in your bed.”

“Ianto, don’t do this.” Jack put up his hand, trying to be commanding.

This was not how he had planned on this conversation going. However, Ianto kept going.

“Did you think that just because you got rid of Lisa that I stopped lying? Maybe I was just using you too! Using you to fill the hole you made in my life when you killed her! Maybe you meant nothing to me at all!”

Ianto was shouting now and leaning heavily on the wall. He seemed completely cracked, the words just pouring out of his mouth like a thick black poison. Jack came around the counter and caught Ianto as he began to slide down the wall into a heap on the floor. Sitting down in front of him Jack stroked Ianto’s hair gently.

“Maybe I was just lying to you all the time, Jack. Pretty, lying, coffee boy.”

Pausing, Jack looked down at the tear covered face in front of him. It was amazing that someone who had been crying like Ianto was now could look so beautiful.

Jack leaned in and kissed him on the head. “Well, you look rather pretty right now.”

Ianto stared up at him, tears streaming down his cheeks. Tears were actually starting to build from somewhere inside Jack and he wondered for a moment how Ianto had managed to catch him like this.

“Why did you leave me, Jack?” Ianto asked with his voice raw and true.

“Because I was an idiot.” Jack kissed Ianto again on the forehead. “I was wrong and I should never have done that to you.”

Burring his head in Jack’s chest, Ianto cried silently, his arms clinging desperately around Jack’s body.

“I’m so sorry, Ianto. I’m so sorry I did this to you.” Jack said as he petted Ianto’s hair, hating him self a little more with every shaking breath Ianto took.

“I was lying when I said I didn’t really love you.” Ianto finally said, muffled by Jack’s chest.

“I know.” Jack replied. “And I love you too.” Ianto lifted his head out of Jack’s now wet shirt and looked at him with a questioning expression. “That’s why I came back, because I love you and I want to make everything right again.”

Then Ianto kissed him and Jack knew he had a chance.
Tags: fanfic

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