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Part 1: There is Warm & There is Cold
Part 2: He is Fine but He is Not
R for dark theme; self harm, violence

Thanks for all the wonderful reviews for my first TW fanfic. The story continues!

Suddenly Jack swept his arm around Ianto’s stomach at a full run, lifting the lighter man before he knew what was happening. Ianto could no longer hear the others’ screams as he tried to catch his breath.

Jack had lifted Ianto off the floor and deposited him, bum first, several feet away as the alien’s arm? tentacle? appendage? landed where Ianto had just been. There was a mad scramble he didn’t see, because one, Jack was still draped over him and two, the cuts on his stomach and chest were burning afresh.

Owen’s harsh voice stood out clear, “Okay Jack, you can stop shielding your Tea Boy Toy. We got it.”

Jack eased back with a smile for Ianto, “I didn’t hear any complaints.” Then Jack glanced from Ianto’s ashen face to his arm around his chest. “Are you hurt? Did I hurt you?”

Ianto looked down confused. “S..Sir?” He had not realized he was blocking his midsection with both arms.

Tosh calls over, “What’s wrong?” Ianto heard the concern, but couldn’t take his eyes off Jack’s worried expression.

“Nothing. Please Sir, nothing is wrong.” Ianto begs softly.

Jack slowly reaches down and lifts Ianto’s arm from his waist. When Jack sees the bright crimson stain across the crisp white shirt he yells over his shoulder, eyes never leaving Ianto, “Owen! Get your arse over here, NOW!”

Owen answers, “Oh, did Tea Boy break a nail?”

“Shut. Up. Owen” yelled Jack. “Just get your arse over here now!”

Gwen reaches Ianto first and says, “What wrong, Jack~ Oh my god, Owen, Now!” Her voice loud from the adrenalin rush.

Owen walks over and kneels beside the two men and takes a quick breath. “Can you stand, Ianto?” he asks gently. “I need to get you to the table.”

Tosh starts clearing a path, up righting chairs and picking up folders and alien objects. Gwen quickly moves to help.

“I’m fine, Sir. Please?” Ianto can’t think. Now there is way to hide his secret if they insist on examing him. He should have already had an excuse, but he never thought an alien would come charging into the hub as the others left for the day.

“No, Ianto,” he answers. He looks up at Owen, “Help me move him. Gently,” he cautions when Owen moves closer.

“Of course,” answers Owen but before he can reach out and touch Ianto, Jack scoops him up gently in his arms and Owens steps back. Ianto can’t help himself, he lays his head on Jack’s shoulder and sighs.

“Owen, I can see to him for now, can you help Gwen and Tosh put that” motioning with his head” into a cell?” Before I kill it, was Jack’s thought.

“Right,” Owen knows the temporary cell wont hold long so he moves to get a weapon. “Wonder what will work on this bugger,” he says to himself.

Jack takes Ianto down to the morgue table and gently sets him down. He leans over and looks Ianto in the eye. Ianto had wrapped both arms around his middle again. Jack gently lifts Ianto’s chin and speaks carefully as if he was a child or more like he was worried that if he startled Ianto he would run. “Ianto, I need to check out your injuries.”

“No, please. I am alright,” insists Ianto. It… it just grazed me, really.” Ianto’s eyes beg Jack to accept that excuse and leave him be.

“But Ianto, you are bleeding,” he says. “I need to check you. Procedure and all that.”

Ianto smirks. “Since when have you gave a rat’s arse about procedures?”

“True, maybe I just want to take your clothes off,” he whispers and reaches for Ianto’s tie.

Ianto gasps. This just wasn’t happening! He feels his heart race. Panic. Fight or flight. Neither would work. While he is trying to decide what to do Jack slips the knot thru the tie and unbuttons his shirt. When Ianto makes no move to stop him or help him, he carefully eases shirt tie and jacket off Ianto’s shoulders and gasps. “Oh, Ianto. What…?

Ianto placed his hand over the open wounds and rubbed gently. “See, Sir? I’m alright. Really.” The sight of his blood suddenly calms Ianto. He holds his hand up to show Jack. “It’s fine. See?”

Owen, Gwen and Tosh rush down the steps.

“Is his alright?” the Gwen and Tosh ask in almost prfect unison.

Owen looks at Ianto’s face, then his hand covered in his blood. “Ianto, you needs stitches. Gwen, hand me that kit over there.”

Gwen quickly retrieves the kit. “Should I…”

“No, it’s fine,” Jack says, “We have this covered. Go clean up the mess.”

“But…” starts Gwen.

“No buts. Just leave,” commands Jack. They slowly leave.

Owen gently cleans Ianto’s cuts. Jack just watches, arms folded, studying. Ianto has let his hand drop, smearing blood on his trousers. He is mildly surprised that Owen is being gentle, especially after shooting him that time. He looks at Jack. Can’t Jack see? The blood is good. It helps.

“No, it doesn’t,” Jack says moving hands to his hips and turning partly away as if looking for answers where there are none.

“Right,” says Owen. “I am going to staple the cut closed, okay? This could hurt. I can use something to numb it, but it will take a few minutes.”

“No, I am fine. Just. Let’s get this over with,” Ianto answers still watching Jack.

Owen takes a breath. “Right then. Here goes.”

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