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The Ragnarok Cycle - Part 4

Author: goetterdamerung
Series: The Ragnarok Cycle
Rating: NC17
Warnings: some sap and some truly filthy man lovin, a little bondage and Ianto in leather

Ragnarok Cycle Part 4

Watching the clock tick over to 6 o’clock and I’m running around trying to kick Tosh out so I could get ready, “Tosh, just what would it take for you to put down that keyboard, grab your bag and get the hell out of here?” As you can tell I was at the end of my tether by now. I’ve been trying to get rid of her for the past hour and she just can’t take a hint.

“Jack, just why do you want me out of here so badly, I still have two analysis’ to complete as well work on bio-thermal tracing software and that’s before I work on the integration of the spatial matrix into the rift equation to allow for fourth dimensional tracking.”

Somehow I think my blank stare let her know I was completely lost. Oh well, desperate times call for desperate measures.

“Actually Tosh, I had organised a few acquaintances of mine to get together and unless you’d be interested in becoming part of one of my infamous sex romps, I’d advise you to make yourself scarce. Completely up to you though of course.”

I can see her blush from here as she opens her attaché and throws the paperwork in, not paying any attention to what it is she’s packing, I think a copy of Owen’s porn catalogue was packed in there then.

“Alright Jack, I shall see you tomorrow.” Her face is still flushed and I can’t help myself.

“Are you sure Tosh, I’m sure my friends wouldn’t mind if I invited one more.”

“No… that’s fine Jack, you enjoy yourself.”

I can’t help the snicker as she tells me to enjoy myself. I intend to. Just not with who she thinks.

Glancing back to the clock tells me, I’m going to be running late if I don’t get a move on. Damn, now what to wear, what to wear as I decimate my wardrobe. How does one dress for dinner with your putative Dom, whom I’m sure has a dinner suit on and prepared a five course meal. Shit, it’ll have to be the tux. Thank god for pre tied bow ties.

Knocking at the door, only a couple of minutes late, I feel like a gauche 15 year old picking up his date for the first time. As the door opens, the sight that greets me is one that I would never have imagined.


Standing there in front of me is the devil himself, his hair mussed and spiked and he hasn’t bothered shaving, he’s wearing this black pirate shirt, silk I think, loosely laced over his chest, his chest hair poking through the laces. These tight leather pants that seem more spay on than put on and to top of the ensemble, mid-calf 30 hole Doc’s.

I’d say something, but the blood pooling in my cock must have come from the language centre of my brain, all I can managed is a strangled grunt.

“You just going to stand there Jack, or are you coming in?” Is his cocky response

Bastard, he’s well aware of my reaction to him, it is not as if I’m being subtle here, my breathing is strangled as my chest tightens. I fight the urge to drop to my knees and polish his boots with my tongue and finally manage to command my legs to move towards him.

He has thrown me for a loop, when I start to see someone it is I that calls the shots, not the one being led around on a leash. I have to get my equilibrium back.

Finally remembering the flowers I bought on the way over here, I pull my arm from behind my back and offer them to him. Not really sure why I did buy them, not usually something I’d consider, especially when dating a guy, but they caught my eye and I couldn’t resist. Black Parrot Tulips with a cream edge, striking, just like Ianto.

His reaction seems so at odds with his appearance, a faint blush stains his cheeks and his body language softens to almost coy as he takes the flowers from my hand.

“Thank you Jack, no-one has ever bought flowers for me before.”

Ah, it’s good to know that I’m not the only one off balance here.

“Please Jack, come in” his welsh accent more pronounced now, warmer and richer than I think I have ever heard it before.

Closing the door behind me I step into Ianto’s world, his private realm. The first thing that strikes me is the lived in look the place has, not untidy but a comfortable clutter, not something I’d attribute to Ianto.

“Would you like a drink Jack?” His voice calls from what I assume is the kitchen.

“Yeah, thanks Ianto, I could use one, whiskey if you have it.”

“Glen Dronach alright?”

Have to approve his taste, nice drop.

“Jack, we still have to talk you know, there’s still too much up in the air.”

“I know… I know, just not really sure where to start, can we just start dinner and let me think about it a bit longer?” It’s a cop out, but I don’t know where to start, I kind of know what I want, but the how’s, why’s and where fore’s are still unclear. I just hope he has a better idea of where we’re heading.

“That may be for the best for now Jack, there are some things that I still have to work out myself, but regardless, we still need to talk… among other things” his voice is like gravel at the last. I shudder reflexively as his voice reawakens something deep within me.

“Come Jack, let’s eat, I’m starving.”

As Ianto turns around a see his arse, encased in tight leather and the roof of my mouth goes dry and I follow him through to the dining room an automatic pilot.

Damn, he’s gone all out, the Mikasa dinnerware, Wedgewood silverware and I think those are real Damask napkins and tablemats and if my eyes don’t deceive me that is a Swarowski decanter and glasses. Shit… what is wrong with me? I’m sitting here sounding like Martha Stewart.

“Sit Jack, I’ll bring the rest of the food in,” following actions to words Ianto walks back out to the kitchen and returns with dinner already plated.

“To be honest Jack, this isn’t up to my usual standard, my mind’s been a little preoccupied lately, can’t for the life of me think why.” Ianto’s wry comment brings me out of my reverie

“I’m sure it will be fine, what are we having anyway?” I may not be sure what he’s cooked, but it smells incredible, who knew… Ianto, the Naked Chef. Oh boy, that’s an image I don’t need just know.

“For entrée ‘Proscuitto et meloné’, mains we have ‘Linguine Nicoise’ and for dessert ‘Tiramisu’, I hope you like Italian, but it was the quickest and easiest to do.”

“Are you kidding Ianto, sounds great and just for future reference, I love anything Italian.” Italian food as well I think to myself.

“Would you like some wine, I have a nice Australian white shiraz or there’s some Henschke’s Mount Eddelstone the ’92 I think in the decanter.”

I just indicate the red and get stuck into the entrée, it really is good. Watching Ianto eat would have to be one of the most erotic events of my life, it’s clear he loves food, but he loves good food and his appreciation of it goes almost over the bounds of decorum. His tongue lapping after the cantaloupe juice, his eyes going deep lidded as he inhales the bouquet of the wine. The way his lips enclose the salad fork as he pulls the fork from his mouth. Such a sensual guy. I think I have sweat standing proud on my brow by the time I have finished the entrée. I dread to think what he’ll be like with the linguine, if this keeps up, I’ll have to dash to the bathroom to ‘cool down’.

The last bites of the tiramisu have been consumed and the armaretto has been drunk, can’t hide any more. It’s time to talk.


Seated in the lounge room I’m struck anew at the difference in Ianto here and at work. We are sprawled across the couch, me lying in front of him with his arm around me, running his fingers along my chest. His lips caressing the nape of my neck and his cock nestled hard against me.

“So Jack, what’s with the tux, not that I’m complaining or anything, but seems a touch over the top?”

I consider taking the easy way out and start to say something about doing it to impress him, but I break off midway. “I didn’t know what to expect Ianto, you are the one normally dressed impeccably. I didn’t want to disappoint you. You confuse me, you switch from Dom to servant and back in the blink of an eye. I don’t know what to expect from you.”

“Oh Jack, did you really expect me to wear a suit in my own home?” his soft chuckle warms me. “Of course I’m different at home, here I do as I want and I’m not at the beck and call of everyone. My turn Jack, I’m assuming that you still need to have some elements of control when we get together, I’m not talking at work here, but when we are alone. Have you thought of any hard limits you’d want to impose?”

Taken back by his matter of a fact question, I stall a little, before answering “Ianto, don’t get me wrong, I’ve loved everything we done together so far, but sometimes, I’d just like regular everyday hot steamy mindfuckingblowing sex.”

“Other times though I just want to service you or be tied up and screwed senseless. Some times some sensory deprivation and I have to admit I love toy play, but what really gets me going is anything with an edge, something that gets the adrenaline going, breath control, suspension, vac racks, flogging some gun play.”

“Not a bad list to start with Jack and to be honest, I don’t feel I have the focus to Dom you every time so the fact that you want an everyday relationship relieves me as well. I take it you’re not into raunch? You know, yellow, brown.”

Shit, I think my drink just went down the wrong way, that’s the only reason I’m coughing… honestly.

“Ahh, no, not really my scene, so I suppose, hard limits would be permanent marks, yellow, brown, blood play, temp piercing’s.” The thought alone of some of those activities leaves me cold.

“Good Jack, I don’t go for any of those either, but I have to admit you said you like breath control, that’s not something I have done before, so that is something we’ll have to wait a little for.” Ianto looks relieved to have that off his chest as his eyes go hooded again and his pupils dilate.

“I want you Jack,” he breathes along the back of my neck as his fingers undoing the clasp of my bowtie and running his hand down to my arse.

“Fuck me babe, fuck me.” All the blood seems to heading south as he cups my arse and kneads it firmly.

As I sit up and start to take my shirt off, Ianto husks out “Let me Jack, let me look after you.”

Christ, how do you say no to that, WHY would you say no to that? As I hold my hand out to him he reaches out and clasps our fingers together and swings his legs off the couch and onto the floor. Getting up, his hands already working on the buttons on my shirt, feather light touches to my chest. Reaching the last button he pushes the shirt off my shoulders he leans forward and flickers his tongue across my chest, circling my nipples and working his way up to my neck.

I can barely breath, he has barely touched me and yet every touch has super sensitised my skin, I can’t help the shudder that wracks through me. His hand move down to my cock and grips it through my pants. I can’t help but moan as his fingers wrap tightly around my cock and squeezes it tightly. Using his other hand my belt is removed and the buttons and zipper are undone, dropping my pants to the floor. Dropping to his knees he mouths my cock through my briefs, sucking me through the thin fabric, his fingers playing with my balls. Reaching up through the leg of my briefs he exposes my balls and takes each one in his mouth, rolling it around with his tongue.

I need more of him and try to bring his head back up to my leaking prick. Yanking down my briefs, my prick bouncing back up giving him a perfect salute, begging him for attention. Sucking first one finger then another into his mouth he proceeds to deep throat them, making me groan in envy. Using his knees he pushes my legs further apart and pulling on my balls he gets me to squat down a little.

I know where those fingers are heading now and my moan marks me as the slut we all know I am.

“Please, please, Ianto please”, its all I can manage as he works his spit coated fingers into my arse, stretching me. I can’t help myself as I start to ride his fingers. Fucking myself as he slowly jacks me off with his other hand.
“More, deeper, harder…” Twisting his fingers inside me he inserts another finger and pushes deep within me. He’s angling them just right as the next time I thrust down they hit right on my prostate as I moan deeper and needier.

“Take off your shirt completely Jack then lay down on your back” comes the throaty command. Not caring any further I yank my sleeves over my hands and dump the shirt on the floor and lay down next to it.

Standing over my head his hand goes to the first stud on his leather pants and unsnaps hit, his cock is clearly delineated within the confines of those pants, hooking his thumb on the slightly opened fly his fingers stroke his cock through the leather. Using his hooked thumb, he unsnaps the second stud, then the third. Bringing both hands to his waist, he parts the fly and gently eases his pants down over his hips and past his straining cock.

“Undo my boots Jack” he rasps out as I fumble blindly with the laces while looking up at him stroking his cock, it’s flushed head a dark red peeking out as his hand pulls back his foreskin and back again as he slowly jacks off in front of me.

Finally getting both boots undone, he stops jerking his cock and leans over to pull his boots off. Hearing those heavy boots hit the polished floor goes right through me and I remind myself to make sure he wears them again. Looking back up at him he has those pants down around his ankles and is slowly pulling them off over each foot.

Kneeling over my head he leans over me and lifts my legs in the air, trapping my legs in the air behind his arms he leans his head down and starts to rim my hole. He lowers his hips and forces his cock onto my face. Repositioning my head I manage to get his cock in my mouth the next thrust. Knowing his cock was where it was supposed to be his next thrust is deeper and his tongue fucks me deeper as well. He’s fucking my face as he tongue fucks my arse. Reaching around I try to grab my cock but quickly get my hands slapped away.

Suddenly his tongue is removed as he leans up and back reaching for something. Next thing I know he has my belt in his hands. Moving up to his feet he moves forward a little then squats down over my face, the instruction is clear.

Lapping around his hole he grunts out “Fucking eat my arse properly Jack.”

Grinding his arse in my face I have no choice but to rim him deep. I taste his musky flavour, a slight hint of soap and the remnants of leather that seeped through his brief. I tongue him deeper, revelling in the taste as I feel him wrap the belt around my ankles and yank it tight around them. He gets up and pulls the belt over my head and tells me to hold my own legs in the air.

Moving around to my arse he goes back to eating it out and getting me ready to fuck. All I can do is squirm as his talented tongue laves my hole. I’m gasping for breath and begging him to fuck me, I can’t help it I need to feel him deep inside me.
With no finesse, but considerable force he breaches me with one thrust, my scream can probably be heard in the next county, but I don’t want it to stop, I never want it to stop.

He thrusts deep within me and holds himself there for a fraction then slowly pulls back only to thrust back in hard, the torture is exquisite, the pain fades as the pleasure grows. On and on he fucks me, using me like the whore I am, nothing but a hole to fuck and I love it. I need this, no choices to make, no consequences to pay, no responsibility. With Ianto I am nothing more than his fuck toy and I wouldn’t have it any other way.

His thrusts become more erratic now, he’s trying to fuck the come out of me, angling each thrust against my prostate. I can’t hold on anymore, I am raw with want and holding on by the skin of my teeth, I have to blow.

“…please, please…please, please, please!” It’s my new mantra, begging for permission to come. Sliding his cock fully out I howl out “No, put it back!” and he does. Ianto puts his entire body weight behind that thrust and I see stars as my cock explodes everywhere. My hoarse scream wakens the dead as I feel Ianto come inside me with his own growl of pleasure.

Utterly spent I no longer have the energy to hold the belt as it slips from my nerveless fingers, my legs tremble and come down on top of Ianto

“I don’t want to move Jack, I can’t, too spent.”

“That’s ok, just undo my legs please babe.”

I don’t get a response, but eventually I feel the belt loosen around my ankles and finally fall free. He slowly twists over to his side, making sure he was still embedded in me. Rolling me onto my side he spoons behind me, cock still up me… and we sleep.

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