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When Ianto Met Lisa part 2

Title: Two Months and Five Days (Part Two in When Ianto Met Lisa)
Rating: PG
Characters: Ianto/Lisa
Word Count: 1,754
Summary: Back story of the beginging of Ianto and Lisa's relationship at Torchwood One; It hasn't been too long but Ianto knows he is falling hard.
Spoilers: None really, maybe some Doctor Who ones and Cyberwoman

“You don’t have to do this.”

Ianto looked back at Lisa sitting at his kitchen table.

“No one said anything about ‘have to.’ I want to.”

He stirred the soup in front of him, checking the time on the oven clock. Yes, he was cooking Lisa dinner. They had been dating for a month now and had only ever gone out for meals. They had yet to sit down to eat a home cooked dinner in either of their flats.

“I don’t want you to go to so much trouble.”

Putting the spoon down Ianto walked over to her and placed a kiss on her lips.

“Does it look like I’m going through ‘so much trouble’?” He asked, smiling in his best ‘hello I am here to help you’ secretary way.

She snorted at him and covered her eyes with one hand. “Ok, ok, put away the work smile.”

Ianto turned back to the stove to cook. He really enjoyed any little thing he could do for Lisa. She was making him so happy. Quite often now after work they would meet and go to the pub which was the site of their first date. They would walk around London, checking out ridiculously priced shops pretending to be interested in buying or would go around commenting on every other random piece of trash or art work they saw saying it was alien so it was theirs. They had eaten in half the restaurants in London already, causing a bit of a scene in two of them with their overly boisterous laughter.

“So, am I going to have to call the fire department or you going to finish cooking over there?”

Ianto gave her a look. “Are you demeaning my cooking before you even try it?”

“Of course not.” She was grinning at him. “I just happen to be rather hungry.”

Lisa was just making him so happy. Ianto had never realized he could feel this happy. Just her smile could make him feel weak, make him forget everything else. She could stop him in mid sentence with a look. She could just walk by his desk at work and he would completely forget what he was supposed to be doing. Ianto had a sneaking suspicion that he was falling in love with her, and falling hard. It had only been a month!

“Well,” Ianto replied. “Lucky for you it is just about done so you can stop the call to the fire brigade.”

“Oh good.” Lisa said, standing up and curling her arms around his waist from behind. “I’m sure its going to be lovely.”

Lisa kissed the side of his head as he turned off the oven. A shiver went up Ianto’s spine and he couldn’t help but smile.


After two months Ianto knew he was in love.

“Aliens 101, my favorite way to pass the day.” Lisa whispered next to him.

And Ianto was deliriously happy with that.

“I think we get to hear the famous speech today too.” He replied.

They were having a brush up training class. Everyone received basic training in the policies and history of Torchwood along with a basic psychic training and run through of operations when they were first hired by Torchwood. However, like many businesses, they had brush up courses now and then, just to keep everyone up to date.

“I think I’ve heard it three times by now. The one time it was because Marcus was practicing saying it properly and I couldn’t get away even though I was supposed to be analyzing a item we had just found which clearly had been alive at some point.”

Lisa crossed her legs and Ianto couldn’t help but notice how much he enjoyed it when Lisa wore a skirt to work.

“I mean it had a cell structure and everything but it opened up like it was a box! It had some plant properties we see here and then some I couldn’t categorize through the database. Yet there I was, trapped by Marcus to hear the Queen Victoria speech!”

Ianto loved it when Lisa went on her biologist rants.

“Alright everyone!” The head of their division, Marcus, was at the front of the room.

They both sighed and looked at him. Ianto holded his hands and pursed his lips. He could be updating the weeks findings and corrections into the computer system right now. Idleness was not something Ianto enjoyed and this lecture certainly seemed like idle nothing to him.

“Today we are just brushing up on what you already know, review for most of you, but pay attention anyhow.” Marcus continued.

“Pay attention to our favorite rules and procedures, oh yes of course.” Lisa muttered.

Ianto contained a snort of laughter and looked dutifully at the front of the room. “Well, you know that I was planning on stealing something from the archives this afternoon. Perhaps a review of procedure will put me off.”

They looked at each other and laughed quietly.

“Torchwood was founded in 1879…”

Then Ianto tuned out. Normally when his superior was speaking he would be paying absolute attention. Ianto was a diligent worker like that. However, this was his second review session and it was usually the same every time. Queen Victoria, the Doctor, be careful with this, always on alert, its alien it’s ours, yadda yadda. Damn, he could be getting so much other work done with this time.

Sometimes Ianto felt that Torchwood was a little daft. Granted some aliens probably were not out to make friends and have tea with Earth and England but were all aliens really a threat? Ianto didn’t think so. However, apparently Torchwood needed to protect against ‘the alien hoard’ and Ianto had to admit the things they found were very interesting. He didn’t get a lot of contact with the items but what he did see in the hangers and development offices was fascinating! Particle weapons, space ships that looked like rocks, organic technology, and not to mention their computer system which Ianto was particularly fond of.

“As you all know anything alien you should come across consider Torchwood property. Even if it is not your area of specialty if you should find something bring it in,” Marcus was bringing up various images on the large screen computer, “Minding all protocol of course.”

“What if I was just walking along and find a death ray lying in the road?” Lisa said in Ianto’s ear. “I’d have to stand there and think, ‘which part of this may kill me?’ before I could pick it up and suddenly run back to work.”

Ianto was only half listening to what Lisa said as her breath on his ear was making him more than a little distracted.

“After all…” she spoke very slowly and Ianto had to clench his fists. “What if someone else saw it…?”

Surely Lisa was not making that amazing motion on his thigh and breath in his ear in a staff meeting on purpose.

“Ianto…” she whispered, running one hand down his arm.

Oh, the woman knew exactly what she was doing to him. How very evil of her.

“In Queen Victoria’s speech at the inception of Torchwood in…”

Sometimes work was not the most important thing. In fact when Lisa was concerned work was rarely more important. What was important when you were sitting in a work conference in the second to last row in the back, was your girlfriend’s lips dangerously close to your ear.

“Perhaps…” Lisa continued whispering as Ianto shifted his legs carefully. “Perhaps after work we should head straight back to my flat? What do you say, Ianto?”

“Oh, god yes…” Ianto said a little too loudly causing the people in the row in front of them to look back in annoyance.

Lisa sat back as Ianto flushed slightly. He flashed them his secretary grin and they turned away.

“Sometimes you are a rather evil woman.” Ianto said still looking straight ahead.

“I know.” He could see Lisa grinning out of the corner of his eye. “And you love it.”

Ianto paused and turned to look at her. “I do.”

She was so very beautiful.


The alarm went off and Ianto’s hand shot out slamming down on the button to make the infernal noise disappear. He blinked away the blurriness from his eyes and groaned. It was 6 AM.

“Fuck…” he muttered.

The sun was beginning to peek through the blinds. Rolling over Ianto looked at Lisa still sleeping next to him. She usually did not wake up if Ianto turned the alarm off straight away. One hand was curled under her cheek as she breathed slowly on her side. Ianto just looked at her for a moment. He lightly stroked her hair and her cheek. He didn’t know anyone else who could look so gorgeous while sleeping.

Gazing at her face Ianto wondered how he was so lucky to have her.

“I love you.” He whispered, kissing her forehead.

Ianto hadn’t actually said I love you to Lisa yet when she was awake. He didn’t want to scare her off being as they had been dating a rather short time. Somehow he couldn’t help saying it just then.

Ianto turned away and swung his feet off the edge of the bed. Time to get up but he’d let Lisa sleep a bit more while he made breakfast.


He whipped his head around to look at Lisa is surprise. Her eyes were open looking up at him.

“I love you too.”

It was two months, five days, and Ianto suddenly realized where the phrase ‘heart skipped a beat’ came from.

Sliding back into bed, Ianto lay down next to Lisa and kissed her. They smiled at each other. They seemed a bit like children to Ianto in that moment, shy but so happy at a personal omission. He wrapped his arms around her and held her tight against his bare chest. The sensation to begin laughing in hysterics came over him but Ianto settled for a broad smile as Lisa grinned back.

“Did you sleep well?” Ianto finally asked.

“I always sleep well when you’re in my bed.”

Ianto laughed and rolled onto his back. “Yes, my rolling about and stealing the blankets must be the absolute best night sleep of all.” He looked back at her with a grin.

Leaning forward, Lisa cupped his cheek and kissed him long and hard. “The very best.”

Ianto decided that he rather liked being in love.

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