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Breakdown - Parts 1-3

This is parts 2 & 3 to Breakdown, previously posted to the torch_wood community. However, as Part 1 was originally posted in this comm I thought everyone here should see Parts 2 & 3 too! Part 4 to follow shortly & Part 1 here for anyone who needs to catch up as really needs to be read to understand parts 2 & 3!

Title: Breakdown, Parts 1-3

Pairing: Jack/Ianto

Rating: NC17 (Part 3)

Spoilers: Series 1

Disclaimer: BBC, just for fun etc!

Summary: Gwen looks after Ianto after he breaks down but neither she or Ianto expect what happens next!

Part 1 (... never had Iantos readings from the bible prophisising 'End of Days' that fateful morning seemed more real to him...)

Part 2 ("Yes," Ianto thought. He could definitely remember Owen finding him in Jacks office, Gwen holding him...)

Part 3 (...Ianto stood in the shower. Usually so particular about such things, everything in his life clean and spotless, this felt wrong...)

Tags: fanfic

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