There are no facts. Only interpretations-Nietzsche (goetterdamerung) wrote in torchwoodcoffee,
There are no facts. Only interpretations-Nietzsche

A quick stop and regroup moment

Quick update on my fics.

I have now completed the interlude for the PWP series (henceforth to be known as "The Ragnarok Cycle"

as it stands there are four pieces to date:

Part 1. They never said you could do that with coffee at Starbucks

Part 2. McDonalds don't make fudge sundaes like that

Interlude Part 1. As the dawn breaks the night...

Interlude Part 2. ...Truth reigns free

Part 5 will hopefully be out later this evening, well as soon as I write it that is.

My Playing Blind Mans Bluff series is currently at 2 parts:

Part 1. Playing Blind Mans Bluff

Part 2. Lovers from the past

Part 3 should be out about 7pm Friday GMT

and my stand alone Jack/Jack fic

He is Captain Jack Harkness

I have to admit 7 fics in 15 days is something of a record for me as I hadn't writen anything in previous fandoms for close to 14 months. What can I say when the slash is canon and the characters so complex. It is a slashers dream fandom.

I find it hard to believe that I only saw my first episode of Torchwood and the 2nd of January, since then I have fallen completed for this fandom and it is also everyone in the fandom that makes it such a welcoming place.
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