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Torchwood Scents

Torchwood inspired colognes. (like fanfic for the nose!)

I run a small etsy business that specializes in handcrafted incense and ritual oils, which leads me to having a lot of different oils to play with, which leads me to creating special blends for Jack and Ianto, and the rest. I'm making the recipes public so you can create your own, or just imagine the smell :)

I started this earlier today with a post on a Jack/Ianto comm. And decided that I needed to branch out and include Owen, Tosh, and Gwen as well! Sadly I must say, my actual favorite is Owen! It’s a very unique, nummy smell.

Having realized that not everyone has 30 types of oil at their disposal (you poor, poor dears!) I’ve created a new section in my online shop (www.rosemarygrace.etsy.com) called “Inspired Oils” were you can find dram sizes of these oils. Feel free to use these recipes and pass them around! And let me know what scents you picture the torchwood team as, I’m interested to know!


That Jones Boy

A fresh masculine scent with hints of cinnamon and cleaning products

4 dr. Lemon
1 dr. Bay
8 dr. Pine
1 dr. Cinnamon
2 dr. Amber
1 dr. Vanilla
3 dr. Musk


51st Century Pheromones

A light exotic, slightly masculine, scent that’s vaguely fruity and a little spicy.

1 dr. Petitgrain
3 dr. Pomegranate
2 dr. Honeysuckle
2 dr. Ginger
1 dr. Cinnamon
5 dr. Juniper
2 dr. Amber
1 dr. Myrrh
1 dr. Patchouli
2 dr. Musk


Paging Dr. Harper

Owen was difficult to pin down, but finally he gave me a fresh clean scent. Very herbal, and almost medicinal, with a hidden touch of sweetness (very, very hidden!)

4 dr. Amber
2 dr. Musk
2 dr. bay
4 dr. Sage
4 dr. Juniper
1 dr. Basil
2 dr. Grapefruit


Resident Genius

Tosh was so much fun. She really lends herself well to a lot of light floral scents. The final recipe is wonderfully light, with some bright hints of fresh fruit, and some deeper hints of exotic resins and spices.

2 dr. Peach
4 dr. Jasmine
1 dr. Ginger
2 dr. Sandalwood
1 dr. Frankencense


PC Cooper

Gwen was another difficult one. I finally decided that she would smell like getting ice cream in the park. A nice, sunny scent with a bit of spice.

2 dr. Orange
3 dr. Cinnamon
1 dr. Ginger
3 dr. Vanilla
1 dr. Honeysuckle

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