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When Ianto Met Lisa

Title: When Ianto Met Lisa (1/3)
Rating: PG
Characters: Ianto/Lisa
Word Count: 1,450
Summary: Back story of the beginging of Ianto and Lisa's relationship at Torchwood One.
Spoilers: None really, cept for maybe Cyberwoman cause, well it is Lisa
Author notes: I am going to make it in 3 parts but we'll see if that really happens. Still, there will be more installments!

One week into the job Ianto Jones believed that Torchwood one was the best job he had ever had. Two weeks after that he believed it was the worst. Then a week later he was back to the best again. Torchwood had a way of making your life into a see saw like that. Truly it was the best and worst job you could ever have, even in a position like Ianto’s. It especially was the best job when Ianto met a girl named Lisa.

Ianto had been recruited to work at Torchwood. Previously he had worked in a lawyer’s office. He had come into the place to fix them up. All of the people at the firm were excellent lawyers but very badly organized. They had been loosing clients and money because of it. Thus, Ianto, organizer extraordinaire, had been hired. He fixed their computer system, cleaning out all the bugs and programming a better, more organized system for them. He got all their files into order, kept different clients clear, and made sure no one stepped on each other’s toes when it came to cases.

He worked there for two years before he was approached by Torchwood. How exactly they had found him at the firm he did not know. However, apparently his skills at whipping completely despondent companies into shape were known outside of the firm. Somehow they knew he had an open mind and were not at all worried about him saying something like ‘aliens? Are you on drugs?’ when they told him about Torchwood. In fact what they said was,

“Mr. Jones, we know you are a man who is good at what he does and won’t ask too many questions. We’ve seen what help you were to the Bronson law office and we could use an organized mind such as yours at Torchwood. Now, what we tell you now cannot be repeated outside of this room.”

Ianto had simply nodded across the interviewing table at the blonde haired woman.

“Torchwood is in charge of dealing with extra terrestrial threats against the empire. Our motto is ‘if it’s alien, it’s ours’ and we stick to that. Anything alien we come across we claim, study, and protect against. As you can imagine that takes a lot of work to bring in everything we find as well as keep it from the public.”

After her little speech Ianto hadn’t even mentioned the alien part. Strangely enough it hadn’t been a huge shock to his psyche, perhaps that was one thing which made him good for the job. All he had said was,

“And which part do you need me for, the finding or the keeping from the public?”

She had smiled very slowly at him then handed him a folder.

“That contains your job requirements. You start Monday.”

And there you were. Ianto Jones worked for Torchwood. Ianto was put in the public information division at first. His job was to help clean up all messes and provide cover ups or spin coverage as needed. He erased memories, kept track of witnesses to alien events, invented news stories about what ‘really happened’ at alien crash sites, and, of course, organized all the files and data for the division. He worked with four others and really it was a plum job. However, Ianto only stayed there for a few months before he was moved up a division to ‘alien artifacts.’ There he did much the same job, organizing every scrap of metal or rock that came in, keeping the data base running properly and letting nothing fall through the cracks. It was a lot of data entry, programming, and filing. However, that was what Ianto was good at. No file was ever lost and he knew everything in the system.

In was in AA section that Ianto first met Lisa.

It was about three weeks or so into his transfer to the department and he was making coffee. It wasn’t really one of Ianto jobs to make coffee for everyone but it had sort of become a habit. Carrie was absolute shit at it. Her coffee always tasted like it had been sitting there for a week. Mark refused to touch the pot after he had slipped once and poured boiling water all over himself and screamed like a little girl. Barbara’s was always too weak and Max’s too strong. Thus, Ianto brewed the coffee and everyone was thankful for it.

He was making three cups for himself, Mark, and the new girl Sue when Lisa came up beside him.

“Making the coffee again, are you?”

Ianto had not met her yet but the minute he looked up at her he nearly dropped the mug he was holding. She was absolutely gorgeous! He blinked at her in silence for a moment until he remembered that he should probably say something.

“Oh well, everyone else has basically given up.”

She smiled at him. “Yeah, I never even gave it a try especially with you bringing in all these different kinds and actual beans and all.”

Ianto tried not to blush.

“Well, everyone likes something a little different.” He put down the mug he was holding as he had just remembered that he was still holding it.

She smiled at him and held out her hand. “I’m Lisa.”

“Ianto.” He replied, shaking her hand. “Pleasure to meet you.”

Her smile widened and she picked up an empty mug. “Think you have enough in there for me?”

Holding up the pot he looked at it then smiled at her. “Well, I suppose I can manage to get one more cup out.”


He poured her a mug, handed her the sugar bowl then picked up his own mug. They stood in silence for a while, both blowing on their coffee. Ianto kept trying not to smile stupidly. It seemed with just a short conversation he was already smitten with this woman he had just met. She had spoken to him first, smiled, asked for some of his coffee. Ianto kept looking at her out of the corner of his eye. She was tall and slender, such beautiful dark skin. He especially liked her spiky hair style, something that he could imagine his mother tut tuting about.

“So…” She broke the silence. “How long have you worked here at Torchwood? I’ve only been here about two month’s myself.”

Ianto swallowed his coffee quickly, “Oh well, I worked in public information for about four months, getting it all organized, up to par. I only got transferred here about three weeks ago.”

“Oh, step up.” Lisa said, with a grin and a sip of her coffee.

Ianto tried to pretend he didn’t blush and giggle inside at her smile. He felt like a little school girl!

“Well, good for me but you were here straight off now weren’t you?”

Smiling she looked away for a minute. Was she blushing too? Then she turned back and shrugged. “Well, I’ve got some biology skills deemed important for this section.”

Ianto just nodded. Most of the work and experiments and tinkering the science folk did with the alien things they collected was over his head or not his concern. He worried for a moment that she might think he was too stupid to talk to when she realized he was mostly just a secretary.

They both fell silent again, sipping at their coffee. Looking down at the table beside them Ianto remembered why he was over there in the first place.

“Well, um…” Ianto picked up the tray he had made with the coffee for Max and Sue. “I should probably get back to work.”

“Do you want to go for a drink later?” Lisa asked in a rush.

He nearly dropped the tray. “Oh, um, a drink? Yes, of course, yes! That would be good.”

He could see her sigh slightly with relief. “Alright then! I’ll see you out front at day’s end? There’s a pub a few blocks away, really good house brew.”

Smiling widening, Ianto nodded. “I’ll see you then.” Then he added as an after thought, “Lisa.”

Smiling a little awkwardly they looked at each other for a moment then turned and walked in their opposite directions.

As he handed a coffee mug to Sue, Ianto felt that classic nervous feeling forming in his stomach. It seemed that today he had a date. She was beautiful, she had come over to talk to him, and her name was Lisa. Sitting down at his desk Ianto did not think about his work, look at the papers to be filed, or even finish his coffee.

Ianto had a date after work and he was excited!
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