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Fic - Mcdonalds don't make a fudge sundae like that

McDonalds don't make a fudge sundae Like that
Author: Goetterdamerung
Pairing: Jack/Ianto
Rating: fucking filthy
Warnings: Kink, Dom/sub, slight bondage, rope play, Ianto in leather and sex toys (not too mention sundry confectionary items). Caveat Lector
Notes:this is the second installment of the series I am begining to believe should be called "The neverending PWP"

It is hard to believe that only last night Ianto was doing things to me that I have only allowed about four hundred and eighty five… no eighty six people, to do to me. Now this morning he’s all ‘Yes sir’, ‘No sir’, ‘three bags full sir’. I can’t work him out, how does he switch off and on like that? Bloody smarmy git.

It is bad enough having to watch the Owen and Gwen love in, but to sit here, tenderly I might add, and put up with this complete indifference from ‘Yraen Ianto’, fuck this for a game of soldiers, I am not taking this lying down… so to speak.

Fuck it, if he wants to play the Ice Prince then screw him.

“Bored here, yoo hoo I said BORED HERE.”

Ah, that got a response, at least now they are paying attention to something other than that porn site Owen has ever so discretely up on his monitor.

“Hey Tosh, Gwen, question for you.” I throw out into the ethers.

“Spit or Swallow?”

I smile to myself, you can hear a pin drop, not too mention their jaws collectively hitting the floor as well.

“Well, it depends on if you are in a relationship or not.”

THIS… coming from ‘Good Time Gwen’?

I let my face show what I think of that answer. “Funny, that’s not what Rhys said… or was that Owen, can’t keep track.”

Owen’s snort is proof enough, methinks the girl protest too much.

“I couldn’t honestly say Jack, I’ve never spent that much time doing… umm… ahhh.”

Poor Tosh, looks like I’ll have to give her a little bit of encouragement and I’ll give her credit, she’s really trying to fit in lately.

“You don’t spend much time doing what Tosh” the words roll from my tongue like honey, smooth, rich and supportive.

“Ahhh… fellatio Jack”

My god she actually said it, well whispered it any case.

“I thought you would have been better at carpet munching, oops sorry, cunnilingus.”

‘Good one Owen’ I think privately, but still, I’m the only one here allowed to take the cheap shots.

“Owen, shut it.” I snarl out

“Don’t listen to him Tosh, he’s just shitty as Gwen turned him down in favour of a little Rhys time.”

Ohh yeah, that one struck home, if looks could kill I’d be laying next to Suzie.

“Well then Jack. What about you, Spit or Swallow?”

I chuckle, trust Gwen to come out of her corner fighting.

“Actually Gwen, neither, I prefer to gargle, much more impressive.”

“Funny that Sir, I thought it sounded more like choking, last time I heard” I hear sotto voce behind me. Fuck he moves quietly. I didn’t even hear him approach.

“Was there anything I could get you Sir?” Those dulcet Welsh tones just do something for me, I swear.

“Perhaps a coffee or maybe you would like something sweet to eat.” He voice drops down an octave and husks out “Or maybe a chance to prove you can gargle, I must have got it wrong last time, hard to tell when you have your cock balls deep down your bosses throat.”

And there we are ladies and gentlemen, switches from off to ‘gonna screw you stupid and make you bark like a dog’ on.

Fuck, from tea boy to Tom of Finland in one sentence, no wonder my cock is now giving him a 21 gun salute.

I turn around and catch him discretely caressing his crotch in front of my face.

“Sorry Sir, was that a coffee, or something to eat?”

I could kill him, I really could.

“Actually Ianto, I’m not feeling the best, I may lie down for a while, maybe take a cool shower, feeling a little hot here.” I manage to garble out, somewhat coherently.

“That may be a good idea Sir, if you like, I can bring you in a cup of tea, always good for a fever I’m told.”

“I can get it for him if you like Ianto.” Tosh replies getting out of her chair.

“SIT!” it is out of Ianto’s mouth quicker than he could think about it.

I think he managed to surprise himself then.

“I apologise Tosh, I am concerned, Jack does not normally get sick and I can see you are busy. I’ll get it, but thank you for the offer.”

The look on Tosh’s face shows she is not happy about it, but more concerned as Ianto never loses it like that.

Looking around, Gwen and Owen have identical looks on their faces, disbelieving shading towards some form of understanding, time to get out of here.

I wrap my coat a little tighter around me, I had managed to get my prick somewhat under control until his big butch daddy impersonation. Fuck it is almost Pavlovian, Ianto goes butch and I end up with a hard on you could run a flag up.

“Go have your shower Sir, I’ll be down with something I am sure will help.”

And with that enigmatic remark, Ianto heads out into the kitchen area.

‘Ok, Jack, you’ve been told.’ See, I have learnt to be able to translate some Welsh, or was that a Welshman, anyway, I think I’m going to get some.

I head down to my living quarters with more speed than dignity, I enter the bathroom and strip off. Turning around I see a note lying on the vanity.

“Sir, please ensure you have removed all of your clothes and placed them folded neatly under the vanity. After you have completed this task you will find the necessary items to prepare yourself for me. You will use the personal lubricant liberally on both yourself and the anal plug next to it. You are then to insert the plug carefully for I do not wish you to injure yourself. On the shelf under the lubricant and anal plug, you will find a set of police issue handcuffs. You are to use the cuffs on yourself, with your arms cuffed together at your front and you are to enter the shower, face the shower entrance and kneel down in the ‘present’ position with you arms outstretched in front of you. You have 10 minutes from when you left the conference room.”

I stare at the note for a good 30 seconds unsure if it was a joke. I fold my clothes and place them in the vanity. Sure enough on the second shelf of the vanity sits lube and a big mother fucking butt plug.

Oh fuck me, my arse still tingles from last night. It doesn’t seem to matter to my cock; it’s still hard as a rock and getting harder.

Looking at the lube I’m surprised, ‘J-Lube’ is not for beginners although it will make getting that butt plug in easier.

Squeezing some lube onto my hand I start to open myself up. Slowly sliding one finger into my hole, then another and slowly scissoring them to stretch my hole.

Fuck that feels good, I angle my fingers to hit my prostate as I start to ride my own fingers. Inserting a third finger takes a little more effort as I open my hole wider. My fucking cock is definitely in on this as I start to dribble pre come down my cock.

Looking at the plug I see it is wider than three fingers, probably about four and a bit wide. Fuck this is going to take some doing. With my free hand I squeeze more lube onto the fingers I am fucking myself with and slowly bring my thumb up to meet the other three fingers. Slowly spreading my fingers apart I feel that delicious burn start as I over stretch my arse. Moving my hips I start to screw myself again, getting deeper and deeper each time until I finally get my pinkie in on the actions as well.

Fuck me dead, I’ve got five fingers up my arse and I want more. Reaching for the lube again I coat the plug liberally and remove my fingers. I can feel my arse twitch, feeling empty. I bring the plug to underneath my hole and slowly descend onto it.

The burn almost kills me as the first inch breaches me. Breathing deep I try to relax and gain control of my arse muscles. A few deep breaths and I am ready to bear down again. Letting my body weight do the work I gasp as I feel the plug enter deeper inside me. Fuck this feels good, I trail one hand up my chest and start playing with my nipples, tweaking and pulling them until they are tight nubs. All the while I am rocking on the plug, urging it deeper inside me when all of a sudden my arse closes over plug and clenches the shaft of the plug.

I am barely able to breathe properly as I try an experimental roll of the hips. FUCK, rolling my hips like that just forces the plug hard against my prostate.

Trying to remember how long I have been in here and how long I have left is an exercise in futility, I can only hope I can get the cuffs on and into position before Ianto comes in.

Trying to stand shifts the plug yet again inside me causing my cock to lurch and me to gasp out loud. Gingerly reaching down to get the cuffs, I stop to absently note that these are in fact police issue and have to wonder where Ianto got the from.

Placing the cuffs on one wrist I turn around and waddle, ‘you try to walk normally with a four inch diameter plug up your arse’, over to the shower stall, turn around and very gingerly kneel down. I am just getting the cuff on my other hand as I hear Ianto enter the bathroom. Raising my arms in the ‘present’ position I drop my head and await my master’s pleasure.

I sense Ianto’s pleasure in seeing his instructions have been carried out. I hear the sound of him undoing and removing his belt. The clanging noise it makes as he drops it on the tiles, the rustling sound of cotton as he undoes his shirt. Out of my peripheral vision I see his tie drop to floor to join his belt, followed closely by his suit pants and his shirt.

It is getting harder to breathe as the moments drag on, the tiles beneath my knees are beginning to dig in, my arms starting to ache slightly from being held out. Shifting slightly to ease the pressure the plug moves deep within me and I can’t help the guttural moan that escapes me.

As quickly as the moan begins to be heard is hand is in my hair, yanking my head back and I get my first view of Ianto since seeing him in the conference room.

His eyes blaze, lips thinned, a cold stare is levelled my way, but it is not that that causes me to break stance.

He is not the most muscular of me, nor the most defined, he has one a leather harness, one of the four strap with the eye ring in the centre of his chest. On his left bicep is a leather band with four studs. Encasing his groin is a simple pair of boxer briefs, tight and clinging to every curve. No, he is no Tom of Finland, but he is a Dom, no ifs, buts or maybes.

Just as well really, most of those over pumped muscle daddies are on their backs that quick when you twist their nipples you get windburn from their legs raising in the air. No, he has it, the look, the demeanour and most importantly, the attitude.

Dropping to the floor, arms’ reaching out for him the most natural thing to say is simple.


“You may stand Jack, arms down.”

Slowly standing I bite down on the urge to grunt as the plug moves yet again within me. My cock is bobbing in time with my pulse, I have never been this into it before. I have never been prepared to gift submissiveness to another, I’d Dom them, or I’d play boy for them, but never I have I desired someone to own me so completely.

“Raise your arms over your head Jack.” His soft voice, so at odds with our positions, tells me. “Raise them right up.”

Lifting my arms I see him loosen a rope attached to a pulley with a hook on the end. As he lowers the hook it slides over and catches on the chains of the cuffs.

Alarmed, I look askance at him.

“Trust me Jack, trust me.”

Looking into his eyes, I know he would never injure me, he may hurt me a little, but that is the nature of the beast. Nodding to him I use the one word allowed.


I feel my arms pull tighter and tighter as they are raised higher and higher. He doesn’t stop, just a slow, steady pull upwards until I am on tip toe and slightly over extended. Tying off the rope he runs his fingers along my chest, a sweat breaking out, raising goose flesh all over me.

He is breathing deeply now, ghosting along the back of my neck, so close. His fingers find their way again to my nipples as he pulls on them, twists them. My cock is so hard I’ll blow any second.

“Ah ah ah, nope. You don’t blow till I say so.” He whispers, accompanied by an evil chuckle as he fastens a leather cock ring around my cock and a separate ball spreader to keep me on the edge.

Fisting my hair once more, he forces his tongue into my mouth, deeper and deeper. He plunders my mouth as his other hand works it’s way down to my cock.

Starting at the head he slowly works his hand down my length, just the slightest friction, just enough to torment. He maintains this slow and steady pace as he fucks my mouth with his tongue.

Pulling his head back, he drops his hand from my hair and lowers it to my arse.

Holy fuck, he wants to fuck me with the plug, I can’t help the pleading that leave my mouth. Please… now… harder… fuck my hole. I can’t take anymore and start to clench my arse, making the plug move hard against my prostate.

“You’re a pushy little bitch today, just as well I like seeing you beg and plead.”

He grasps the base of the plug and slowly starts to twist it around, every so often changing the angle. By this point I can’t control my body’s response as a surge starts deep within me and my arse begins to convulse. Holy sweet mother fucking god, I have never had an anal orgasm before.

My arse clenches hard against the plug, fighting it, welcoming it.

Ianto reached behind him and pulls out a thermos.

“Do you remember what I said as I left last night?”

Do I remember he asks, I had to change the sheets this morning thinking of that.

“Nice hot Chocolate Fudge Sauce, and I am going to quite enjoy it as well.”

Unsure as to what he means by that, I remain quite until I feel something hot drizzle onto my cock. Christ it burns, but my cock has other ideas as it shudders. Another drizzle lands just above my cock and slowly runs down to my balls.

Placing down the thermos, Ianto drops to his knees and slowly takes the head of my cock into his mouth. Using his tongue to swipe underneath my foreskin I feel his hand grasp the plug again and slowly pull it out till only about an inch remains embedded my hole.

In one quick movement, he plunges the plug back hard into my arse and swallows my cock whole, down tot the root as he deep throats me and fucks me with that plug.

I’m going completely out of my fucking skull here. Fuck, he’s changed the angle again, hitting my prostate directly each time now. My legs can’t hold me up any more and I’m relying on the rope to hold me upright as Ianto suck and fucks my brains out..

The stretch in my arms is becoming unbearable as well and I start to zone out, can’t feeling anything except for my arse and my cock.

Removing his head my from cock he tongues my balls roughly, then sucks each on into his mouth and rolls it around with his tongue against his soft palate.

Pulling back again, he grasps hold of my balls and pulls down hard. Fuck that hurts, Jesus fucking Christ, my head his rolling around and I’m spouting gibberish when suddenly I feel the ball spreaders and cock ring get removed.

He is still pulling down on my balls and somehow I manage to hear him to tell me to blow. Well, fuck I certainly don’t need to be told as I feel that familiar rush start at the base of my spine.

With one final, god alfuckingmighty thrust Ianto sinks the plug and four of his fingers up my arse as my cock starts to shoot, I’m going fucking blind, greying out. I feel my arms get released from the hook and I drop, still shooting come everywhere.

I open my eyes and my head is in Ianto’s lap, the smell of his come strong on his briefs. Using my tongue I slowly lap at the wet area and get an approving grunt for my efforts before he gently bats my head out of the way.

“Leave it Jack, you need a break, don’t forget there is the rest of the chocolate sauce and the ice cream to go.”

I don’t fucking believe it, my cock, which I swore couldn’t get it up again even inside a plaster cast, shows signs of waking up.

I have to admit, McDonalds can’t make a fudge sundae like that. And you know what, thank fuck for that.
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