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Title: Shot Glass Chess
Author: OnigamiNanashi
Pairing: Jack/Ianto
Rating: FRM I think. PG 13, anyway, at the very least.
Warnings: None so really. First time Torchwood writer. Almost crack. But maybe not. Excessive author’s notes.

This is all tencrush’s fault. I don’t remember exactly how or why, but I knew enough to write “Tencrush” in large letters on the top of the papers where this was spawned. I think it had to do with a comment and some prodding. But anyway:

Preemptive oops: Spoilers for ep 12 and 13 in the Author’s Notes.

I’m kind of surprised, that with such kinky people like we are, that no one’s used the invisible lift for some sort of soft core exhibitionism. So I did. And shot glass chess. And some probably bad smut.

This is also kind of for koshi700 cause I think I pissed her off with my vehement “Ianto, Schmaianto. Jack/Jack’s where it’s all going on.” So here’s some nice short Jack/Ianto for ya hon.

And many many thanks to shaydra7 for the beta and all around thwumping on the head for stupid mistakes. And for pointing out something I might want to point out to y’all. See end for full details.


“Fancy a game of chess, Ianto?” Jack plucked the folders out of the Welshman’s hands.

“Sorry sir?” Ianto blinked, seemingly lost without his folders to anchor him down.

“Chess, Ianto. It’s a game… you play with little pieces that look like horses and knights and castles and kings and queens-“

“Thank you sir. I know what chess is. I was inquiring as to your motives -and your desire to play chess with me.”

“Well, you’re here, and I’m here.” ‘–and lonely’ Jack added silently. “And if you’re an enterprising fellow such as myself, you’ll be able to combine chess and liquor. Come along, my young friend.”

Jack led the young man through the maze of corridors below Torchwood to an unused storage room and ushered him into a comfortably furnished sitting room.

“Very nice.” Ianto commented, looking around the medium sized room. Ianto looked from an entire wall of screens to shoot Jack a reproachful look. “Are you using my coax cables?” He demanded.

Jack flashed his ‘who, lil ole me?’ grin guiltily at the shorter man.

“I spent a week looking for those.” He scolded. “I thought I was losing my mind when I couldn’t find them.

“Please accept my most sincere apologies Ianto. I didn’t mean to cause you mental anguish.”

Ianto shook his head. “Don’t worry about it sir. I came to the conclusion that Owen and Gwen had taken them for some use I didn’t want to think about. A drink and we’ll call it even.”

Jack laughed, a joyous carefree sound. “Alright. But you’ll have to play for it.”

“Play for it? Sir?”

Jack led Ianto further into the room and to a pair of comfortable looking leather chairs and a small table. He pulled a drawer out from one side of the table and held up a shot glass with the profile of a knight etched into the side.

“Shot glass chess sir?” Ianto edged forward to get a closer look at both the piece and the table. The small table was inlaid with alternating pieces of` what could be... “Ivory and ebony, sir?” Asked Ianto looking up to see Jack's reaction.

“It was a gift from an old friend.” Jack smiled wistfully and ran his fingers along the edge of the table. “But not the shot glasses. Which are the important part, right?”

Ianto was taken a bit aback by the sudden change as Jack focused on the present and flashed a grin. He moved to set up the chess pieces as Jack rummaged through a liquor cabinet.

“Scotch Ianto?”

“That’s fine sir.”

“Jack. You can call me Jack.”

“That’s fine sir… uh … Jack.”

Three checkmates and one order of pizza and coleslaw later, Ianto blinked and staggered after the older man.

“Jack. Sir. You shouldn’t be doing this. You’re drunk. So’m I, come to think of it.”

Jack winked and turned back to his previous efforts.

“Jack. No. Put that back on. I’ll make some coffee and we can sober up- Damn it all Jack Harkness!” Ianto staggered slightly as the floor under his feet began to move. “Hands off. Sir. Tha- ohh…” Ianto moaned as Jack abandoned the controls of the lift and pounced on Ianto, hungry lips meeting his own.

“I- am going to blow you in the middle of the street.” Jack promised, stripping Ianto of the spotless suit jacket.

“Sir. No. We’ll be arrested.” Ianto protested vaguely, struggling with the suspenders Jack wore but had no practical use for. He struggled to free his fingers from the wide elastic straps and blushed as he extricated his fingers only to hear the bands slap against Jack’s shirt with a muffled ‘thwunk’.

“Son of a bitch.” Jack swore, rubbing the area. “Ianto Jones, you are a passive aggressive- mmph.”

“Sorry Jack.” Ianto whispered against the other man’s lips. “I’ll not do it again.”

They both grabbed hold of one another when the forgotten lift came to an abrupt halt.

“Ah. Ianto. Here we are in the middle of the street in the middle of Cardiff. Which isn’t in the middle of England, but that’s neither here nor there. What is, however, is I’m going to blow you and no one will be the wiser.” Ianto swallowed at the husky tone Jack’s voice had taken on.

He swallowed again as Jack dropped smoothly to his knees and winced as one of the other man’s knees cracked.

“Ow. Ianto, I’m getting too old for this.” Jack complained even as he worked open the zipper of Ianto’s pants. “But that, that makes me feel like a horny sixteen year old again.” He’d worked Ianto’s pants and boxer shorts down to his knees and was fondling the standing man’s straining crotch.

“I- no- am… oh.” Ianto babbled as Jack ran his tongue down the underside of his cock. He twined his fingers through Jack’s hair, more to give his hands something to do than out of any real fear that Jack would stop.

“That had better not stretch up and snap me back on the head.” Jack warned.

Ianto blinked before realizing Jack was teasing him for the suspenders still. “Sir.” He ground out. “I can think of many better things for that smart mouth of yours to be doing.”

Jack smirked up at him before swallowing Ianto whole.

Ianto cried out wordlessly and Jack had to grip his hips with bruising strength to keep the younger man from bucking wildly into his mouth. He groaned as Jack swallowed a couple more times before returning to suck hard on the head of Ianto’s dick and swallowing him whole again.

“Sir… “ Ianto warned.

Jack sucked hard and Ianto came noiselessly.

“Si- Jack?” Ianto offered hesitantly.

Jack shook his head and smirked. “This voyage into exhibitionism was all for my enjoyment. You did your part.”

“You know Jack, as drunk sex goes, that wasn’t bad.”

Jack glanced at Ianto out of the corner of his eye as he fumbled for the lift controls and began the descent back into the Hub.
“Ianto,” he began indignantly, “How many people have you had drunk sex with?”

“… Good point sir. I’ll go start coffee.”


Jack’s usually seen drinking water, I know, but he drank alcohol with Tosh at the end of ep 12, which I took to mean that he trusted her with everything that was bad and a lie about him. She’d seen him with the other Jack Harkness, she’d seen that he wasn’t Jack Harkness, and she wasn’t going to say anything and she was okay with it. So alcohol to me is kind of a trust meter for Jack. He drinks with those he explicitly trusts.
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