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They never said you could do that with coffee at Starbucks

Author: Goetterdamerung
Pairing: Jack/Ianto
Rating: fucking filthy
Notes:This fic came to life after reading athousanderrors Zen and the art of Coffee making and was inspired by the thought of Jack covered with coffee beans. Thanks to athousanderrors for letting me play in her sandbox.

He stands there in front of the coffee machine, intent and focused as if the fate of the world depended on getting the coffee grounds just so or the water just below boiling. The perfect cup, he does it every time.

I can see his hands caress the percolator, long graceful fingers deftly stroking down the machine and back up again. His eyes are closed as if he is in another world, his movements the only thing grounding him here with me… I mean us.

I never realised what a sensual creature Ianto was, every movement so fluid and erotic, a light touch here, a sharp twist there. All unconsciously performed in front of a very appreciative audience, me.

His fingers are combing through the coffee beans as if they were grains of sand, those sensitive fingers selecting only the most premium beans to use. Carding the beans through his fingers into the grinder he opens his eyes and shifts his weight to the balls of his feet. Oh Christ, he’s leaning forward to inhale the aroma of the beans, his tight arse framed by those pin stripe suit pants.

I never knew the art of coffee making was this erotic, the groan emerging from within the deep recesses of his soul resonates within me. I can feel, smell and experience everything he does, but only vicariously. I need to know first hand. I need him to touch me the same way he does the percolator, inhale my scent and groan in sheer lust.

Oh fuck, he’s licking his lips in anticipation, that has just got me ready in anticipation for the hand job I’ll be giving myself in about 5 minutes time. It is nothing new, Ianto has always managed to get me ready, willing and able, albeit only with myself as the starring lead.

Christ, I am so hard it is hurting me, I have go while I still can walk. I give the throbbing a gentle squeeze and can’t escape the gasp it wrenches out of me. Fuck, I hope he didn’t hear that. Time to disappear before he knows I’m here.

As I turn around to escape I feel his footsteps approach, too stunned to move I turn to face him. Holy fucking mother of god, he is stalking me like a predator, his eyes fully dilated, nostrils flared. His breathing is abnormally deep and ragged and in his hand is the container of coffee beans.

I back slowly away from him, he definitely has an air of incoming fire about him and I am ground zero.

“Don’t you want your coffee Jack” he murmurs with a voice roughened by want. “I’ll make a special one for you seeing as you seem to like coffee so much.”

I amaze myself by barely managing a stutter, too entranced by sheer magnetism he exudes. He is like a walking invitation to sin, a living breathing pheromone. Christ what he does to me.

“Come now Jack, no need to be shy, I know you watch me, whenever I make the coffee, there you are, watching, waiting.” He purrs.

“I know you want, you want badly, well guess what? I’m sick of waiting for you to do something about it. I have decided to take what I want and damn the consequences for once.”

In a real predator that last line would be delivered not unlike the snarl before the kill.

It is like watching a hypnotist, I am mesmerised by him, frozen to the spot and unwilling to move regardless.

One hand tangles itself in my hair as he pulls me towards him, his tongue flickering out to moisten his lips. All I can see are those lips as I bite mine in response.

“Now” is the exhaled statement as he pushes me further past the door of my office until I collide with my desk.

“Perfect, just perfect” His grin is feral as he steps away from the front of me and with one sweep of his arm, clears the desk of everything on it. His hand back in my hair he yanks me over to him, the pain brings me back to myself somewhat, but nowhere near enough to even contemplate stopping him.

His hands softly caress my face and slowly move down to my shirt. They stop there for a moment, sensing, feeling, when suddenly both hands take a grip of each shirt front and tears them apart leaving me exposed to all and sundry.

My nipples are already hard nubs, but I can’t help but moan at the pain/pleasure as he pulls and tweaks then into solid peaks. His face is almost cruel as he exalts over me. His hands move slowly lower, down my stomach, along my sides.

Everywhere he touches is like molten metal, wounding me, healing me. His hands are at my belt now, tugging on it to free the clasp. As his hands work on the belt and trousers his lips have taken the place of his fingers on my chest, his tongue flickering everywhere as if he were scenting me like a snake.

Finally my belt and trousers are free and down. Christ thank god for going commando. Being locked into those pants was nothing short of torture.

“Where’s the rope Jack?” he growls at me, making me harder and hornier than I have been for at least the past ten years. Somehow I manage to get out that it is in the desk drawer, second one down.

“Lay down on the desk Jack… spread-eagled” I shudder at the command and basically have to tell myself to start breathing again. I don’t know where Ianto learnt to Dom, but fuck me, he certainly knows how to.

“Don’t just stand there Jack, I told you to lie down on the desk spread-eagled.” His voice is gravel edged with a hint of irritation to it. It is a damn heady mixture, though I could come just from his voice alone.

I don’t think I have ever obeyed a command so quickly in my life. As I lay down I feel one wrist being looped with the rope and tightened off, not too tight, but tight enough so I couldn’t escape, even if I wanted to.

I hear the rope get thrown under the desk and feel Ianto leave my left side as he made his way to my right side. Picking up the rope, Ianto again loops it around my other wrist and ties it off the same way as the first.

He then does the same with my feet so I am completely at his mercy, unable to get up, but there is enough play in the ropes so I can squirm. Hmmmm, I think that is the idea.

“Back in a second Jack, I need to grab something” Now I am nervous, what if he left me here to be found by Tosh or Gwen or even worse, Owen. The thought of that wilts my cock enough to feel at least somewhat in control of my own body again.

Ianto re-enters the office, shaking something in his hand as he walks.

“I’m going to show exactly how much I like coffee Jack, especially when I get to have it off of you.”

He must have opened the canister as the pungent aroma of coffee beans assail my nostrils, but mixed in with the scent is a sweet chocolate smell as well.

“But first we have to make sure the serving platter is clean Jack.”

My god, that tongue of his should be registered as a lethal weapon, long slow licks up my chest with the occasional sharp bite on my nipples has me back hard and raring to go yet again. His hands are in constant motion, at one point gently caressing, the next hard and rough, nearly ripping out the hairs on my legs.

Fuck this is good, I’m moaning out loud now, incoherent gasps and raw pants telling him he is doing a good job, when suddenly it all stops. No touch, not a whisper of movement.

I start to plead with him for more, touch me please, just a little, please… please. I am begging before to long, I have no pride left, he has stripped me of that and yet he has barely touched me.

All of a sudden I feel a slight coolness on my skin in different places, not much, just enough sensation to know something has been placed on my stomach and crotch.

I jump as I feel his lips upon me once and a startled yelp escapes me. His lips are pushing something around whilst sucking on it at the same time. I hear a crunch and the bitter aroma of coffee beans assault my senses. His tongue is gone again, only to have it plunged into my own mouth, the bitter taste of coffee, the sweetness of the chocolate and the essence of Ianto

His tongue delves deeply into my mouth, duelling with my own tongue I try to suck all the taste from his mouth, but before I can do that his mouth is back lower down on me.

Oh god, he is nibbling the crease of my hip and crotch, laving the area with his tongue, pushing a coffee bean around as the chocolate melts against my skin. I feel him crunch another bean and open my mouth in anticipation, but his tongue doesn’t come for my mouth.

His tongue has a different itinerary in mind. I can feel his tongue lapping my balls, making them tighten up ready to go, but he moves lower still, spreading my legs as far as they can go whilst being tied to the desk like they are.

Holy Fuck, BINGO, fuck me, he just took one swipe of my ass and I turn into a seasoned slut, begging for more, if it wasn’t true, I’d be embarrassed, but still…

He is crunching coffee beans again and lapping just around my hole, I’m begging him here to just do me. He finally takes pity on me and spears my arse with one thrust of his tongue, rimming me deep and hard.

I can’t take this much more, he’ll make me blow before he has even touched my cock. It’s driving me out of my fucking mind.

Ianto Jones is currently fucking my arse with his tongue and I am about to blow from it all. He keeps up with the flickering tongue slowly driving me insane, when I feel something harder demands entrance. Oh god, he is fingering me now, I don’t know how much I can take anymore.

The gasps and grunts that issue from my mouth must have sounded like a bad porn soundtrack as he decided then and there to shut me up, the tried and true method that is.

Turning around 180 degrees he pulls my body up so my head hangs over the edge of the desk, level with his cock, fuck I need to taste his cock. I start to moan, but he teases me with it, just barely letting me have a taste before pulling away from me.

“Are you sure you want it Jack?” he asks as he slaps his cock against my face. “Do you?”

I am beyond speech, Ianto is thrusting two fingers into my hole, each time they get fully in he twists them and strokes my prostate. My cock is already leaking so much it looks like I have already come. I simply nod and hopes he gets the message.

Fuck, he got the message, no finesse, no warning, he just plunged his cock straight into my throat, fuck even I have to gag at this. He is so far down my throat that he is tapping at my voice box. Just when I feel I can handle anymore and desperately need to breathe, he pulls back enough for me to gasp out a few breaths.

He sets up a good rhythm slowly piston fucking my throat as he spears my arse with his fingers, I can’t hold out much longer, just can’t I’m about to blow and he hasn’t even touched my cock.

Fuck, seems like I’m not the only one who needs to come, with one sharp thrust Ianto plunges deep down my throat and it feels like his cock expands to twice its normal size. I can’t fucking breathe and I don’t care. He pulls back so I can suck and taste him at the same time.

The shudders that go through him are incredible, but nothing compared to what he does to me. He inserts another finger deep inside my arse and constantly applies pressure to my prostate. I can’t handle it any more. I start to buck from the stimulation, but can’t get enough leverage seeing as I am tied to the fucking table, when it hits me.

A hoarse scream is rent from my throat as my body goes into convulsions. I must look like a fucking circus seal, but I can’t help it. I continue to cry out incoherently as I start to come down from that incredible fucking orgasm.

Feeling his weight move off of me and over towards my arms, I heave a sigh of relief as I feel first one arm then the other freed from it’s bonds. Seconds later my legs are free, but I don’t have the strength to stand. To put it rather crudely, I’ve been fucked into complete submission and I wouldn’t have it any other way.

As he gets ready to leave the office, I look over at him, skin flushed, clothes a wreck and can’t help the grin that forms on my face.

The little shit just looks over and says “I don’t know what you are smiling about yet Jack, I haven’t even started with the Hot Chocolate Sauce and the Ice Cream yet.”

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