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Playing Blind Mans Bluff

Playing Blind Mans Bluff

Author: Goetterdamerung
Rating: Eventually NC17 or however you classify eye wateringly filthy.
Pairing/s: Jack/Ianto Jack/Jack Ianto/Lisa
Spoilers: 1.04, 1.08, 1.12, 1.13 AND Dr. Who 2005 eps 9, 10, 11 and 12
Disclaimer: Not mine, if they were they would at least spend more time naked.
Warnings: Mind Fucks, Dom/sub, graphic violence, partner betrayal and also occasional uses of sappy stuff.

I stand here watching him, his long expressive fingers; fairly snapping with suppressed indignation and I have to wonder. Who is Ianto Jones?

I stand here watching him go about his daily chores, his eyes intent on his work, his carriage straight and proud. There is something there though; it has taken me months to finally determine Ianto Jones is not just a pretty face or an office boy. He has this aura of preternatural calm about him, but no-one sees past his bland presence and into his eyes.

He is a shadowed soul, his eyes show more than he tells, they show blood and darkness; power and dominance, but above all, they show knowledge. Knowledge gleaned from god knows where or how.

All I know is Ianto Jones is dangerous, not to Torchwood or to the team, but he is dangerous to me. For in his eyes I see the end of all that I hold as true, in him I see the end of days.

You ask me how I can know this. How is it possible for me to see this when everyone else only sees the ‘teaboy’ to quote Owen in one of his more forgiving comments about Ianto.

It is simple, he and I alone are aware of Torchwood’s true aim, their reason for being. I’ll give you a hint, only part of it has to do with furtherance of the British Empire and a fraction more has to do with the prevention of alien incursions. No, we exist solely to destroy the Doctor and hence my quandary.

The Doctor and Rose saved me, well technically they left me for dead, but still…

The time I spent aboard the TARDIS is one of the few times where I could be me, the real me, not the con man, not the time cop, just me and for that I love them both.

You sound surprised to hear me speak of love I see, well you know what. You know shit about me, but I will tell you one last secret. You see I may love both the Doctor and Rose, but I’m in love with Ianto Jones and it is for him that I tell our tale.

Our tale is rather involved, convoluted even and like all good tales it revolves around love and betrayal. Ianto’s love and my betrayal, my love for Captain Jack and my betrayal of Ianto, Ianto’s love for Lisa and his betrayal of me. Two squared, a perfect square or maybe in this case opposite sides of the same coin.


I am hoping to get a new part out every couple of days, most of the chapters a completed only requiring a final read through and edit.

Part 2 Lovers from the past
Part 3 Industrial Revelations
Part 4 Hurt heals all pain.
Part 5 To go exploring no more

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