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Jackanto fic.

Title: Meathook
Author: Kai. =]
Rating: 15?
Pairing: Jackanto.
Summary: Alternate ending for Countrycide.
Notes: Spoilers for Countrycide and Cyberwoman

There's a meathook in my heart
Tearing me all apart
Ripping out my insides
But I just can't get away
I can't leave my
Lost my heart to a meathook
Lost my heart to a meathook

Ianto watches the man, who watches him back with a grin of pure insanity.
"P-Please. Please don't..." He wriggles against the ropes which are crushing his wrists tightly against the small of his back.
"Sorry son, but that's the way it goes." In any other situation, any other context, the voice would've sounded sympathetic, but there's a tiny smirk on the man's face which turns Ianto's blood to ice.
He hopes Tosh escaped.
If she didn't Ianto'd be more than pissed off.
Not that it'll make any difference.
The cannibal is watching him with a curious expression crossing his face, like a child observing animals at a zoo, and Ianto cringes and cowers as far into the wall as he can manage, praying softly to a god he doesn't believe in.
"Look, don't get all tense, it'll be over soon enough, lad," The man rolls his eyes, obviously he's seen this before. "Anyhow, tense meat is bad meat." He turns his back on the younger man, who lets out a tiny, desperate whine. Meat. That's all he is?
No! No, he's Ianto Jones, he has a life, he goes shopping, doesn't like tomatoes, he used to have a cat - He can't suddenly be reduced to some... To some... Noun! The tears are flowing freely now, trickling down his face, and he wants nothing more than to curl up and die on the spot.
Instead he has to wait for even that luxury.
The smell of blood is thick in the air, and he can hear the frantic pounding of his own in his ears, making him all the more conscious of how little time he has left to be able to hear that noise.
It can't end like this! Jack has to save him, god, what if he can't?
What if no-one even cares? Good riddance.
"Jesus..." His voice cracks and twists into a sob as the farmer turns around, smiling jovially.
"He can't hear you - or if he can, he obviously likes to leave things to the last second." The older man laughs at his own sick joke and Ianto just wants to throw up, until there's no feeling left. There is still blood on the knife, not dripping it À La horror movie style, but rust coloured patches across the blade and handle which are somehow even worse.
The man kneels in front of Ianto, pushing the younger man's head back, fingers knotting in his dark hair, exposing Ianto's throat and quivering Adam's apple.
The knife is warmer than Ianto expects, the metal uncomfortably hot against the icy gooseflesh of his neck, then there's a stinging pain, making him gasp out, blue eyes widening in pain and fear, then squeezing shut to try and block everything out. The pain stops abruptly, and Ianto freezes, wondering whether or not to dare open his eyes.
"Get the fuck away from him." The voice is most definitely familiar, the American accent shaking slightly with the pressured anger Ianto's only ever been on the receiving end of once. He opens an eye slightly, his body still shaking crazily. Jack's got a gun pressed right into the cannibal's temple, his knuckles white. Jack's face is twisted into the stiff, white hot anger that Ianto remembers being on the receiving end of during the Lisa incident. The man knelt in front of Ianto looks up at Jack, pale eyes regarding the captain vaguely.
"You damn Americans. Always ruining our fun - you did it in the war too." The man teases, and Ianto wonders if he can see the gun currently being corkscrewed into the side of his head.
 "Get the knife away from him, or I swear to god I will blow your brains out for Britain*." His hand is shaking and the gun rattles slightly, the only noise, save for Ianto's own panicked breathing. In fact, the cannibal's knife hand is quivering and Ianto can feel the knife dipping into the cut across his throat every split second, nicking it yet more. One of the man's uncontrollable jerks suddenly hits a little deeper than before, and Ianto yells out in pain.
A bang, then a veil of red everywhere.
When Ianto next looks, there is no sadistic smile dancing before his eyes, just a red mess on the floor in front of him, crimson on his face and jeans. Slowly Jack lets his arm move to his side, and the gun clatters to the floor, making the two of them wince at the same time.
"He was going to... Oh god, Jack... He was going to eat me..." The stunned voice slowly turns to hysterics, and he sobs and smiles at the captain's feet, ignoring the blood on his hands. "He didn't care... Didn't care I was Ianto Jones... Didn't... He-" And he finds himself swept up into Jack's arms, pressed tightly against the American's body, Jack's fingertips pressing tightly into Ianto, clinging to him.
"I thought I'd lost you." He states desperately as Ianto's fingers scrabble at his back, trying to press them together as tightly as possible.
"Please don't let me go, Jack." He knows how cliché he must sound, but doesn't even care anymore. He's alive - he can afford to be a little cheesy.
"I won't. I promise... I promise." Jack murmurs, rocking Ianto slightly. They both ignore the corpse on the floor, either by accident or choice - neither is completely sure.
"I'm sorry... I'm really sorry. Is Tosh okay?" Ianto moans. Please say yes.
"A little shook up. She's worried about you, idiot." He laughs, his voice sticking in his throat.
The Welshman looks up, the mist clouding his eyes, his breathing damp and heavy.
"I thought you wouldn't get to me in time." He confesses quietly.
"Never doubt me, Ianto Jones, never." Then he kisses him. It's not like the kiss when Ianto was unconscious - this one is full of fear and hope and thank god. Ianto melts into it, kissing back as urgently as he can manage, so desperately alive, fingernails clawing up to Jack's shoulders, pushing their bodies together. Ianto breaks away, adrenaline still pounding through hot, living veins and arteries.
"I never will."

Meathook - The Cure
*Shamelessly stolen. ^^;; Yes. Blackadder FTW..
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