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12 Reasons Ianto is More Than He Claims

Update of the old list after the series finale, feel free to add more or challenge.

Spoilers for all episodes so far.

One: Just look at what he managed on his own.

Rescued Lisa from Torchwood Tower.

Rescued an entire fucking Cyber Conversion Unit.

Modified the CCU.

Transport everything from London to Cardiff.

Get system into Torchwood 3 unnoticed.

Assemble modified CCU.

Contact and convince Dr Tanasaki.

Keep unit running, stay on hand as much as possible to tend to Lisa.

Consistently keep cover.

This is incredible feat, it would be a challenge for a team of trained personnel to pull that off and cover it up so well. Ianto did this on his own.

"I clean up your shit - no questions asked and that's just the way you like it."

More than a little resentful about his job, isn’t he? People - as Jack and the others proved - tend to ignore a person in Ianto’s position. Who’s going to be suspicious of the tea boy? It’s the perfect cover, it may also have been the only position he’d have been able to get at Torchwood Three.

As Toshiko witnessed, he can cover his emotions perfectly, not a hint of what he feels inside leaks to the surface.

Every time something goes wrong Ianto is two steps ahead of the entire team, including Jack.

Countrycide - The others stand around assigning blame and talking about what to do next. Ianto’s already tracked down the car.

They Keep Killing Suzie - The others stand around talking about how Suzie must have locked them in and what to do next. Ianto has already set up a phone connection.

Very disciplined. Immaculately dressed, rarely refers to Jack as anything other than “Captain” or “Sir”.

He appears to panic when they’re alone but when he’s in the company of the cannibals he attacks, sacrificing himself to let Tosh escape.

The “You’ve chosen the wrong person to fuck with.” smile before the headbutt.

He's not scared that Jack is holding a gun to his head after they race back to the Hub, he is pissed off.

He can deck Jack with a single punch.

"Gwen, that's an order!"
Very quick to try and snap a command. Quite a difference from his usual persona.

Shoots Owen, accurately and mercilessly straight through the shoulder.

"You're just the tea boy."

“I’m more than that.”

What does that all sound more like, the teaboy or Torchwood Special Ops?

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